UV Printing Machine

Following a successful year, Mirodec has launched UV Printing – a new production technique – which
will further strengthen and diversify our market position.

Our printer is one of the most advanced UV printers in the market, with a very sophisticated flow
that allows it to adjust itself with the help of sensors and onboard cameras for consistent results.
With the FB500 we can say yes to just about any request. It can print on virtually any rigid or
flexible material – whether it be thick, heavy or long – with either a matte or a glossy finish.

The FB500 can print on virtually any surface (up to 5cm thick). Experiment your creativity by using
the machine’s limitless capabilities and fill your house or office with exceptional environments and
designs – printing on blinds and curtains, for instance, gives an astounding effect of still glancing at an
outside view with no irritating sunlight. Another example can be stainless steel, which is commonly
used because of its simple aesthetics, its durability, and ability to retain its original appearance. How
about going a step further and give your furniture’s stainless steel decoration a unique printed design?
Printing on stainless steel especially stands out because of its appealing matte finish.