• Mirodec Glass Printing

    How Does Printing On Glass Work?

    At Mirodec, glass design techniques range from lamination and etching to UV printing and staining. From classic hand-made pieces assembled by artists to modern panels created using the latest technologies, Mirodec offers a wide range of techniques possible in the world of decorative glass and mirrors. We take a look at their UV printing technique […]

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  • Mirodec

    The History of Glass – A Timeline

    Little is known about man’s first efforts to make glass, yet this ancient material and its abilities seem to have no boundaries. From bottles to ceilings, glass is used in creative and diverse forms around the world. There’s so much one can do with glass provided they use the right techniques and methods. However, this […]

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  • Future of glass

    What Is the Future Of The Glass Industry?

    It is remarkable that glass, a material pre-dated as an artifact only by stone and pottery, has so much untapped potential thanks to newer technologies. As Dubai’s leading glass supplier, we at Mirodec identified what the future of glass looks like, and how newer technologies can provide challenges and solutions for future glass uses.  After […]

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