• custom mirrors

    Best Tips To Incorporate Mirrors In Interior Design

    Mirrors are an essential part of any home. They can vary in shape, size, type, and design.                                      There are plenty of factors that go into consideration when working with mirrors for interior plans, such as purchasing the […]

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  • Liquid Crystal Films

    Smart Glass: Everything You Need To Know About Liquid Crystal Films

    Window technology has come a long way from float and insulating glass during the 50s, Vinyl and Clad windows in the 60s, shockproof or impact glass in the 90s, to the dynamic, intelligent glass windows of the 2000s. Each of these developments have come about in response to consumer demands during those specific periods. For […]

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  • 26

    Mirodec’s collaboration with GAJ in The Hotel Show Dubai

    A new feature for this year The Hotel Room Design Challenge was introduced to showcase some of the UAE’s leading interior designers and fit out contractors. Competing teams were given a designated space within the event to create their room set design, based upon a theme Dubai: A World of Possibility, A Lifetime of Stories. Fortunately, [...]

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