Exploring Different Styles of Reflective Glass

Mar 21, 2022

Reflective glass is a type of glass that is covered in a metallic coating to give properties that can reflect heat. Reflection here is not in the sense of a mirror, instead, it reflects the radiation ...

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A Comprehensive Look At Glass As A Building Material

Mar 14, 2022

From its humble beginnings to now being used as a sophisticated structural building material in modern architecture, glass has come a long way.  Although architects all over the world have leveraged ...

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How Glass Can Effectively Be Used In Hotel Designs

Mar 7, 2022

Glass has managed to stand out as a very versatile material over the past few years and is now gradually becoming a favourite among today’s hoteliers and architects. Proper usage of glass has delive...

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5 Unique Ways To Use Stained Glass

Feb 28, 2022

While they are known for their presence in churches throughout history, stained glass has now become a popular material used in commercial and residential properties. Their versatility has made them a...

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How Tempered Glass Can Be Used As An Effective Tool For Dividing Spaces

Feb 21, 2022

Decorative glass is becoming a sought-after material for dividing spaces both in residential and commercial settings. Among the many types of glasses available, tempered glass tends to have a slight ...

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