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    5 Tips for Decorative Mirrors Placement

    Mirrors are not just used for grooming purposes, but can also be used as decorative art pieces within interior spaces. They can provide a unique statement piece to highlight aspects of the room while making it appear larger. Mirrors can also reflect and spread light offering an airy and spacious result. Interior designers craftily use […]

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    Tempered Glass: Everything You Need To Know

    Tempered Glass also known as Safety glass is essential, because it provides your glass with a high level of protection as it is stronger and safer than standard float glass. It is mostly used in glass windows and doors; and is also also used in shower doors and business storefronts. Glass companies like Mirodec, offer tempered […]

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    Why Custom Mirrors Are Excellent Statement Pieces

    Mirrors have numerous beneficial properties. Mirrors reflect light and open up the spaces it is used at. Mirror decor makes the spaces appear brighter. Due to these properties, mirrors are not just used for grooming purposes, but they are also used as art pieces within interior spaces. Custom made mirrors are the better option as […]

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