5 Tips for Decorative Mirrors Placement

Jun 21, 2021

5 Tips for Decorative Mirrors Placement

Mirrors are not just used for grooming purposes, but can also be used as decorative art pieces within interior spaces. They can provide a unique statement piece to highlight aspects of the room while making it appear larger. Mirrors can also reflect and spread light offering an airy and spacious result. Interior designers craftily use mirrors in small spaces and apartments to give them the illusion of increased space availability. Decorative mirrors heighten the beauty of the room and give it a classy look.
When using mirrors, the common mistakes made are using them in spaces where they don’t belong. Let’s take a look at how you can best use mirrors to beautify your space.

Decorative Mirror Placement
Tips for mirror placement include:
• as cover-ups to hide any flaws such as a hole in the wall
• as wall tiles to cover a wall, which can help your room appear brighter
• vintage mirror pieces in dressing rooms, bathrooms, and living rooms to make a statement
• panels on wardrobes for grooming purposes
• in outdoor spaces to capture the beauty of the outdoors

Big Mirrors for Small Spaces
When it comes to small spaces, your best bet is a large mirror. Large mirrors reflect more light within a room, consequently making the room appear larger. Big mirrors can also be used as a decorative piece. Another option is to use them in narrow passages such as hallways.

Different Mirrors for Different Interiors
Not every type of decorative mirror can be used in all kinds of spaces since it depends on the design of the room. While some mirrors have a traditional appearance, others have a modern edgy feel. Hence, it’s important to select a mirror type according to your interiors.

Proper Installation
Some people make the mistake of hammering a mirror onto a wall and this can be dangerous. The right tools to be used when installing a mirror are wall hooks and picture hangers in accordance with the size and depth of the mirror. This work can easily and efficiently be done with the help of a certified mirror supplier since they ensure the safe installation of mirrors.
The art of customization allows us to create bespoke pieces according to your specific needs. This enables you to get what you want with ease. Our technicians can deliver products of different shapes and sizes, all to meet your personal preference.

Do not shy away from getting creative with your designs. The use of custom decorative mirrors will help you add a personalized touch to the interior or exterior spaces. Get in touch with UAE’s largest mirror and glass supplier, Mirodec, to get more information about the different custom mirrors to use in your interior spaces.