Best Tips To Incorporate Mirrors In Interior Design

Oct 7, 2019

Best Tips To Incorporate Mirrors In Interior Design

Mirrors are an essential part of any home. They can vary in shape, size, type, and design. There are plenty of factors that go into consideration when working with mirrors for interior plans, such as purchasing the right quality and design. Typically, for large-scale interior projects custom mirrors are a popular choice, as interior designers can work together with mirror suppliers to deliver the right design.

Check out our list for the best design tips to use mirrors for interior design.

Brightening Your Room

Mirrors and glass can be the ideal material for furniture in the bedroom including dressing tables, chests of drawers and wardrobes. Mirrors and glass can go with almost every color scheme and won’t date, unlike other materials. For example, the use of antique mirrors can be integrated for a classic look, whereas, for a modern design, the use of printed portraits is becoming a unique trend nowadays.

Mirrors can transform the look and feel of a room instantly, making rooms seem larger by adding depth and brightening dark corners without the need to install extra lighting.

Bringing in the Outside, Inside

Mirrors can also serve as windows for your landscape or garden outside. By properly positioning the mirror opposite a window, it could reflect the view from outside. This is especially effective for homes with picturesque locations such as a seaside villa, a cottage with a floral garden and a hillside vacation home. Aside from framing the view from outside, it captures natural light and spreads it across the room, creating a bright and positive atmosphere.

Creating a Focal point 

While mirrors are useful, they are often beautiful as well. Some mirrors come in unique shapes, others are placed in ornate frames. A mirror can create texture-enhancing themes of a room through the embellishment of the walls. From assembled mirrors and geometric patterns to engraved and V-grooved mirrors, a mirror can add three-dimensional depth to any home.

Placing a mirror at the center of the room can draw attention and focus. It can also make the room feel bigger and more spacious. It could sometimes be a little tricky when choosing a mirror to be your room’s focal point. Choose mirrors with unique frames and interesting designs around its edges. Also, make sure to choose the right size.

Placing a small mirror in a huge space can only make it appear even smaller, so make sure to let your mirror be proportionate with your other design elements.

Expanding Your Space Instantly

For smaller, windowless rooms, big mirrors can provide an illusion of extra space. To do this, place the mirror at the largest wall of the room to reflect as much light as possible and spread it across the room. Mirrors that are placed in narrow hallways or corners of the house will make it appear wider.

There are endless possibilities in incorporating mirrors to interior designing, not just for homes but for offices and commercial spaces as well. For more inspiration, visit us at Mirodec for custom mirrors in Dubai.