Choosing Between Etching and Engraving Your Glasswork

Jun 2, 2020

Choosing Between Etching and Engraving Your Glasswork

Glasswork as a whole comprises beautiful creations that are a result of intricate and carefully executed processes. Among the many techniques used to craft glass in a unique and creative manner, two of the most interesting ones include etching and engraving glass.

These processes are used to bring in an artistic illustration on the glass that makes it appear as a statement piece that can be placed in any part of a room. You can choose between the two processes to create an artwork that transforms your personal space like no other. Bring the beauty of these glass artwork techniques into your home or office furnishings by learning more about the details of these techniques.

All About Etching

The process of etching glass begins with laser equipment that imprints the design meant to be created on the surface with laser beams. Glass etching by itself is a chemical process where the material’s surface is swept away by the laser to create a crevice and thereby craft a design into the glass without having to cut or carve it. The heat from each laser beam allows the surface of the material to melt and take the shape of the specific detail being created on the glass.

It is strong enough to only make light designs on the glass giving it any subtle look that makes it both unique yet understated in the best way possible. Especially for glass pieces or mirrors that are thin, the etching process can make good impressions without affecting the main structure of the material. The extremely precise edge of the laser is not limited by the type of glass it is used on as it is a highly durable means of achieving quick and repeatable designs.

In-Depth On Engraving

Engraving the surface of a glass or custom mirror is made possible by the advanced laser technology that allows for such creations to exist. The high-intensity laser is capable of melting layers of the material and creating edges and depth that are quite profound in measurement. The cavities crafted into the surface are due to a physical process as the expert must make the required designs using other physical tools besides the laser that vaporizes the glass.

Each pulse of the laser can help create a deeper mark upon repeated use over the same area giving a grander look to the glasswork. Each impression made can be felt and seen clearly as the design is very much noticeable at first sight and is present deep into the surface. The design as a whole will remain precisely detailed and can also be completed at a fast pace given the innovative means of producing such results.

Picking The Right One

Depending on the intended usage of the glasswork, an appropriate means of creating designs on your glass can be employed. For larger projects that have a versatile design that can use a deeper incision, the engraving process on the glass would help bring out each intricate detail. It can also be used for installations where the glass panels to be used are thick in width.

For a subtle look on a glass piece that has a greater functional purpose such as a mirror, making imprints on a smaller area to add style to your piece is possible with the etching process. You can be assured of greater visibility and transparency when used on a plain glass panel as the design is very much on the surface.

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