Exploring Different Styles of Reflective Glass

Mar 21, 2022

Exploring Different Styles of Reflective Glass

Reflective glass is a type of glass that is covered in a metallic coating to give properties that can reflect heat. Reflection here is not in the sense of a mirror, instead, it reflects the radiation of sunlight rather than absorbing it, which allows optimal light into a building while reducing glare from the sun. This type of glass is mainly used in environmentally friendly constructions that aim to reduce heat gain and loss, making it easy for properties to maintain ideal indoor temperature, without spending much on heating or cooling over the year.

According to decorative glass companies in Dubai, reflective glasses are the perfect modern-day building material that upholds aesthetic, functionality, and energy-efficient properties that are ideal for the UAE’s desert climate. If you’re looking to incorporate them into any residential or commercial properties, here are different styles of reflective glasses you can choose from.

Super silver

Made using chemical vapor deposition (CVD), this is a heat-reflective glazing glass style that is superior when compared to many other ordinary spray-coated reflective glasses that are available in the market. Super Silver reflective glasses can be tempered or incorporate a combination of lamination and a double-glazing unit. Besides solar heat, it also cuts UV rays which helps in providing optimal comfort and a more soothing atmosphere inside the building.


This style is more apt for the exterior of your homes or commercial buildings as it has a stylish texture and appeal alongside heat-reflective properties. Opal styled reflective glasses make a good fit for windows or doors as they can prevent heat from entering indoors while aesthetically complementing the exterior style statement of a house or property. They are available as colored glass in a wide range of shades including unique tones like Pearl Grey, White Gold and Aqua Blue.


If you’re looking for a more high-performance glass, then Ecosense is the right style. It offers a delicate balance between outdoors and indoors without any difficulties. It mainly meets the requirement of every Emirati who traditionally needs more cooling than heating. Ecosense-styled reflective glasses can prevent solar radiation from coming in and are available in three series such as clear, blue and green. To support more functionality, they also come in different sizes and thicknesses.

The style hosts a hi-tech feature developed by the glass industries to allow sunlight to pass through surfaces while radiating and reflecting a large degree of sunlight and heat. This makes Ecosense a perfect option to keep spaces brighter and much cooler than with many other styles of normal or reflective glasses.


As the name goes, this style of reflective glass has a high-performance feature in making buildings energy-efficient. Its solar control properties reduce glare and improve the energy efficiency of homes and commercial spaces. This style is featured with a superior protective coating that keeps occupants safe from the harmful effect of UV radiation. They come in seven vibrant shades and suit most architectural aesthetic requirements.

Besides these,  the styles of reflective glass can also vary depending on how they are manufactured. Typically there are two different ways of manufacturing reflective glass – production pyrolitic process and vacuum (magnetron) process. Each method gives a different score for the glass on durability, resistance, glazing, lamination, hardness, cost and energy-saving properties.