Glass Flooring-Inspiring And Unconventional

Nov 26, 2019

Glass Flooring-Inspiring And Unconventional

Glass flooring is an emerging trend in both interior and architectural designs. This contemporary application of glass is both inspiring and unconventional. While it is true that glass has moved past its reputation of being brittle and fragile, some people are still skeptical about the idea of utilizing glass for flooring.

Glass suppliers around the world have come up with innovations and solutions for people to literally walk on glass. Techniques such as laminating can provide the right strength, stability, and safety for glass panels which can also be applied for flooring.  Laminated glass is durable and built to last. Additionally, it could be customized depending on a client’s liking. Inserts can range from fabrics to metal mesh and films.  Let’s explore the uses of glass panels for flooring.

Glass Floor Panels

Glass floor panels offer a sleek contemporary feel to any architectural design. More than just creating a modern aesthetic to an interior, glass flooring is practical, sustainable and safe. But just how safe is glass flooring?

Just like any kind of flooring, especially for buildings with 2 or more stories, there are certain regulations to be met. The strength requirement will also depend on the place of installation and the load or weight it is expected to bear.  For instance, glass flooring that serves as a bridge or a walkway will require less strength than one that will be used to bear heavy furniture or equipment.  There is a science to creating these floor panels that guarantees safety and structural capability.

Glass floors offer sophistication, inspiring contemporary designers looking for unconventional methods for their creative outlet.

Glass Staircases

If you wish to add extra elegance to your home or office’s interior, glass staircases are perfect; more so if a laminated glass balustrade is installed. Its transparency creates an illusion of floating. Although unusual, several commercial, corporate, and residential spaces are having glass staircases installed to provide sophistication and unique sculpturing to their interiors.

Perhaps the best advantage of glass staircases is that they are economical and sustainable. Apart from that, it is also low maintenance, making it cost-efficient as well.

What Makes Glass Floors Strong

There are several ways to reinforce glass to be utilized as flooring. Similarly, there are a number of components that are widely used for making glass flooring strong. In general, a glass floor’s durability depends on the type of glass used as a base and the value of reinforcement or support for the glass.

Ultimately, glass floors can be as twice as strong as their wooden equivalent. Thanks to the strength and versatility of glass floors, several individuals, are starting to incorporate it into their residential, commercial, and corporate interiors.

There is no doubt that in the years to come, more and more evolutions in the glass industry will surface. Therefore, it is best to know a glass supply company that innovates along with the changing times. Mirodec is one of them Reach out to us to learn more about our work and the countless possibilities in the world of decorative glass and mirrors.