5 Ways To Create An Accent Wall With Glass Panels

Jun 14, 2022

5 Ways To Create An Accent Wall With Glass Panels

Accent walls are fool-proof solutions to adding dimension and life to any space. It creates style through the use of colors, patterns, and textures or a combination of all three. This design technique has cemented its space in the field of interior design due to its flexibility and convenience.  It’s a unique way to showcase identity and set the tone of any space without having to commit to a full transformation. Over the years, several developments in glass-making technology have paved the way for an extensive range of decorative and functional glass products ideal for any need.

Make a statement using colors.

One easy way to create an accent wall is through use of a bold or contrasting pop of color. Take this method a step further by using multi-tone color gradients. Rainbow glass automatically gives life and vibrancy to any space. Additionally, it can be used to upgrade typical cladding designs.

Never go wrong with stained glass.

The art of the stained glass technique dates back to at least a thousand years ago. It’s a glass processing method that is used in creating colorful and intricate design patterns. Stained glass was used prominently during the Renaissance era, depicting biblical imagery through various patterns and colors. Today, modern works of stained glass are not only utilized in places of worship and grandeur, but also in homes, commercial establishments, and in museums. Its versatile nature transforms any space through vibrant, abstract bursts of light, color, and patterns. Using mosaic patterns for an accent wall is a classic and instant way to enhance a space. For a bolder and louder aesthetic, you can opt for imagery of people or sceneries using stained glass.

Consider using patterns.

Using patterns can bring a whole new level of aesthetic and focus to any space. With patterned mirror walls, you can go as loud as you want through dynamic curves or striking lines. If you prefer a more minimalist aesthetic, you can tone down colors and go for interesting patterns to shift focus to any wall instead.

Create the illusion of a larger space with mirrors.

Mirrors provide numerous advantages to any room. It expands any room naturally and it optimizes natural light when placed correctly in any space. Additionally, textured designs can be created through etching and engraving techniques in mirrors. For a more modern look, laying out a patchwork of mirrors in different arrangements can create natural lines and patterns in a space.

Incorporate technology.

Smart mirrors are innovative glass solutions that work as a smooth display surface. With this type of glass technology, you can project any program or background and create dynamic accents for any wall in your space. It also works two ways – as a TV screen and when the display is turned off, a conventional reflective surface.

Accent walls are easy ways to create focus and cohesion to any space. Using glass as accent walls or pieces adds a touch of elegance and vibrancy to any room. They are huge investments, but you get your money’s worth by saving on maintenance costs as glass is rust-free and does not require complex treatments. Mirodec is a regional leader in glass design and execution, specializing in decorative structures and furniture pieces. Know more about glass products and services by getting in touch today.