Acoustic Glasses And Their Benefits

May 14, 2022

Acoustic Glasses And Their Benefits

Acoustic glass is a type of laminated glass that is known for its exceptional properties in reducing noise levels considerably. Acoustic glass works on the principle that mass absorbs sound, so the greater the mass the better its acoustic properties.

This glass is made using two or more sheets of glass that are bonded together with one or more acoustic interlayers. Each pane of this glass when installed in a door or window is laminated with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), forming a strong hydrocarbon bond with the glazing unit.

This method of manufacturing and installation improves the acoustic attenuation by reducing the elasticity of the glass and providing an extra layer of noise reduction and dampening, thereby weakening the sound as it travels through the glass.

The following area few benefits that acoustic glass offers.

Reduces Noise

As you may be able to guess already, one of the major benefits of acoustic glass is that they block noise emission. On average acoustic glass can block outside noise up to 30%, especially near busy areas like motorways, train lines, and airports. When used in overhead or roof glazing, acoustic glass can give insulation from rain impact noise. In a commercial setting, they can also be used for interior sound insulation requirements like for office partitions and meeting rooms.

Safe And Secure

Another major benefit of acoustic glasses comes from their strength. As these glass are laminated or also known as glazed, it improves their safety profile when compared to other standard or tempered glass. Depending on whether you’re getting a single or double glazing the more the noise reduction capacity and strength.

Firstly this enhanced strength prevents or rather makes it challenging for break-ins to a great extent, especially when used in main doors and windows. Secondly, the strength improves durability and reduces the risk of damage by unintended forces or pressure. Thirdly and most importantly, the strength of this glass added with its PVB composition avoids them from smashing or shattering into small shards when broken. This makes it extremely safe, not just in the context of properties but also in vehicles as well. That is partially the reason why acoustic glass is becoming really popular among car manufacturers.

Energy Efficient

Another key benefit of acoustic glass and something that’s increasingly educated by glass manufacturers in the UAE is that they exhibit excellent energy-efficient properties. Through this property, houses or business properties can be effectively insulated reducing energy costs and also making them environmentally conscious.

The glass does it by acting as a barrier to prevent heat loss by trapping heat inside the properties. This in turn prevents indoor spaces from fluctuating temperatures and makes them less likely to need or use internal heating.

Improves Health And Productivity

One of the obvius health benefits of using interior design glass with low acoustic properties is that it protects your hearing abilities and prevents any subsequent medical issues.

Besides these, acoustic glass can also block 99% of ultraviolet light transmission, which provides protection from harmful sun exposure. This in turn leads to a better standard of living and extra comfort by allowing your house space for natural light without impacting your health from harmful rays.

On the other hand, reduced noise emission promotes better sleep quality, and most importantly supports a healthy, less disruptive work environment, which all collectively adds up to improved productivity.