Assuring Quality: How Beneficial Is EVA Laminated Glass For Your Home?

Oct 22, 2021

Assuring Quality: How Beneficial Is EVA Laminated Glass For Your Home?

Over the course of centuries, glass has found precedence and continues to gain prominence as an important raw material in construction and artisanry in this age of advanced technology and innovation. With current trends gravitating towards minimalism, the significance of glass continues to rise in the realm of infrastructure and real estate.

As one of the top glass companies in Dubai, Mirodec prides itself in being a trusted purveyor of an extensive and high-quality array of glass selections. We can help you make the right interior design glass choice through our EVA laminated glass solutions.

Benefits of EVA Laminated Glass

If you are looking to incorporate glass while building your home, EVA laminated glass is the right choice of glass for those looking for versatility and durability. Superior to ordinary glass, EVA laminated glass has several advantages that make it a better choice:

  • Multiple Colour options:

EVA laminated glass is available in a wide range of colours, eliminating the need to use extensive shortage and rare coloured tinted glass. Instead, coloured EVA laminated glass gets its colour from EVA films. Ranging from exceedingly high transparency levels to ordinary clear, EVA laminated glass comes in various colours: milky white, sandblast white, opaque yellow, opaque black, translucent orange, translucent green, and many more. This also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

  • High tolerance for moisture:

EVA laminated glass is highly resistant to moisture, making it apt for extreme weather conditions such as high humidity and temperature. Since it proves to be highly durable and reliable in a high humidity environment, EVA laminated glass is ideal for homes in Dubai. It also proves to be a long-lasting alternative given its great resistance to heat and water. In addition to that, it also filters out 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun that is responsible for causing wear and tear of furniture.

  • Safety and Protection:

When it comes to safety and protection, EVA laminated glass sets itself apart from the rest as the better choice due to its high tensile strength. In EVA laminated glass, the interlayer and the glass are so strongly bound together that it staves off penetration, and the glass remains unbroken. On the other hand, ordinary glass easily breaks into smaller, sharper pieces that can result in serious injury, unlike EVA laminated glass. Additionally, it offers greater protection and security in the face of potential break-ins and attacks. Whilst the glass breaks, the interlayer remains unaffected and impervious to invasion. This stalls any attempts to intrude with the noise alerting residents.


EVA laminated glass is known to be compatible with various glass types, including annealed, heat-strengthened, and toughened glass. Additionally, it can also be used with certain specialty glass types such as patterned, spandrel, tinted, coated, wired, and liquid crystal glass. It is also compatible with polymers such as polycarbonate and other insert media like wood, solar cell, cloth, PET, PVC, PC, etc.


Using EVA laminated glass for your home can be very advantageous in terms of quality, security and much more. As the leading glass supplier in Dubai, Mirodec can help you make the right selection of EVA laminated glass for your home.