Stunning Decor: 5 Types Of Glass That Are Great For Your Home

Oct 15, 2021

Stunning Decor: 5 Types Of Glass That Are Great For Your Home

Glass is becoming an increasingly popular and desirable choice among prospective homeowners, architects, and interior designers. Modern technology and architectural advancement have made it possible to use glass as a viable building material in the construction industry. Not only does it possess high strength and durability, but it also enhances infrastructural aesthetic appeal.

As one of the leading decorative glass companies in the UAE, Mirodec offers a comprehensive range of high-quality glass types and products to choose from.

Types of Glass 

When making the right choice in glass for your home, it is imperative to understand and learn more about the various types of interior design glass. Our team of professionals and industry experts at Mirodec can assist you in selecting the right type of glass for your infrastructural needs: 

  • Patterned or Textured Glass

If a glass is patterned or textured, it has some kind of pattern or design etched on it. The decorative design could either be an artistic colourful pattern or a plain texture, depending on what you desire for your home. Patterned or textured glass makes your home appear immensely exquisite by adding to its sophistication and aesthetic appeal. Since decorative glass is so customizable, you can look for a layered glass that affords you the highest degree of privacy while in residence. Patterned or textured glass finds its application in homes, restaurants, conference rooms, windows, and lobbies. 

  • Stained Glass

Stained glass decor has gained much prominence as a fashionable trend in construction and interior design. Grounded in ancient Roman artisanry, stained glass lends a significant aesthetic appeal to your home with its brilliant hues and unique patterns. It also offers homeowners plenty of privacy due to the interplay of multiple colours and layered, sophisticated designs that make it difficult to discern the interior of the house. Additionally, stained glass is also energy-efficient and can help you save extra energy.

  • Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is essentially toughened glass with a higher degree of strength and durability when compared to other types of glass. Used in aquariums, shower doors, home windows, front doors, and retail store windows, tempered glass is also bullet-proof and very difficult to break. Tempered glass is also immune to scratches and leaves no marks on the surface. In addition to that, it can also bear high temperatures.

  • Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made by adding EVA films between two or more layers of glass. A type of safety glass, it is about five times stronger than the regular, ordinary glass. It is highly durable and can withstand adverse climatic conditions such as storms, heavy rains, winds, etc., making it ideal for the large windows and doors of your house. Laminated glass can also ensure thermal and sound insulation. 

  • Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is also one of the most preferred glass types among homeowners and interior designers due to its many upsides. Formed by applying a coating of metal to glass, this type of glass is available in multiple colours, including blue, grey, bronze, green, etc. Tinted glass is highly beneficial as it controls heat transmission by monitoring the intensity of sunlight entering the house. Importantly, it prevents the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from penetrating the house.


Interior design glass makes for excellent infrastructural choice due to its durability, customizability, and attractiveness. If you are thinking of using glass in the infrastructure of your home, we at Mirodec can assist you in determining the best design and glass type.