How To Choose Glass Mirrors That Match Your Home Decor

Apr 28, 2022

How To Choose Glass Mirrors That Match Your Home Decor

It’s easy to admit that mirrors offer a lot more to a house than any other type of furnishing or decorative element. Be it depth, light, or interior statement you can’t really go wrong with decorating a house with mirrors. However, choosing the right type of mirror for your house takes some thinking and experimentation. Here is a brief guide on how you can choose glass mirrors to complement your home decor.

Antique Mirrors 

When hearing the word antique, many think of old things. Surprisingly, the antique mirror has made an exceptional comeback in the home furnishing industry and also boasts many versatile designs to match a wide range of home interiors. Whether it’s a contemporary or modern home, antique mirrors are a great option if you prefer to mix and match your decor.

If you’re considering adding an antique mirror in a modern or contemporary space, then it’s best to go for French-style mirrors which offer a good balance between vintage flair and contemporary design. If you have rooms equipped with Chippendale furniture, then consider adding an over-the-top rococo mirror that features heavy ornamentation.

If you want to maintain an all-around consistency in the vintage or antique interior theme of your house, then you can also choose wooden antique mirrors. They can be found in simple, aged designs as well as intricately carved frames. Usually, wood-framed antique mirrors are best suitable for traditional, Mid-Century modern, and French country interiors.

Contemporary Mirrors 

If you’re maintaining an exclusive modern interior or theme in your house, then it’s best to match it up with similar contemporary styled mirrors. From art decor to decorative beaded designs contemporary mirrors are versatile and fairly easy to match many interior statements. Contemporary mirrors are commonly found with  metal designs, unusual shapes, textured frames and other decorative patterns.

You can opt for a classy look with some bold-gold framed contemporary decorative mirrors, or go for a minimal piece featuring sleek black metal frames in a variety of designs. In fact, you can also customize mirror frames to blend better with the existing interior of your house.

If you don’t mind compromising slightly on the functionality of mirrors, you can also try to add overlay mirror designs which are perfect to create a focal point in a house or a large living room.

Statement Mirrors

Interior design experts believe that statement mirrors are the epitome of high-quality home furnishings and decor. Statement mirrors can create a unique decorative focal point for any space in a house with just the right notes of depth and functionality.

For living and dining rooms choose a large or bold statement mirror such as sunburst or starburst designs. On the other hand, for bedrooms, you can choose a simple statement mirror with subtle color and minimalistic interior designs.

Statement decorative wall mirrors match both traditional and modern home decors so it has added versatility for interior details. One of the keys to choosing the perfect statement mirror style is to match/complement the finish and color with the rest of the space in a house.

To sum it up, it’s best to say that there are no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing mirrors to match your house interior. Many interior design experts recommend house owners to browse platforms like Pinterest for inspiration and experiment in small spaces before continuing with a choice.