The Impact of Glass Industry on Climate Change

Sep 23, 2021

The Impact of Glass Industry on Climate Change

Recent developments in the United Arab Emirates have had consequences on the urban environment. Minimizing the impact of urban development on the natural environment and the trend to improve the ecological performance of buildings are the main concerns of sustainable and low energy building practices. These ideologies have been acknowledged by international architectural firms to designing and constructing new projects that are energy efficient, environmental friendly, and architecturally remarkable.

Despite the fact that the UAE is one of the hottest countries in the Gulf region, the use of glazed façades in modern buildings has gained increasing popularity because of the better views, pleasant indoor environment, and the building’s prestige. These design approaches usually come with an increased operational cost due to the higher solar gain.

Global warming and climate change have been a problem of concern over the past few decades. We are now facing the real-time damages of global warming, and every industry is making progress by using sustainable products. The use of sustainable products is rising, and property developers, as well as real estate companies, are trying to do their bit by using environment-friendly products.

Reflective glass is one of the best options in the glass industry as it is eco-friendly and helps with the climate crisis we are currently facing. These glass items are high-performance energy-efficient glass and help build sustainable buildings as they block high amounts of solar radiation and reflect infrared light. The advantage here is that they help the buildings remain cool in summers and cuts down on the electricity bills as the air conditioner is not used as often.

Glass factories and companies in the UAE are associated with the job of picking the right glass to solve different environmental concerns.

On the other hand, glass manufacturers are seeking the help of new and improved technologies to produce artistic and commercially viable glass pieces to cater to people’s changing aesthetic needs. In fact, glass factories in Dubai today are taking this one step further by incorporating techniques such as UV printing, lamination and back painting to provide clients with a large variety of options to choose from.

So while it may not have been conventional to use glass and mirrors as decor items previously, in this day and age of picture-perfect designs and sights, making use of such material to design your space can definitely help you win a lot of admirers. Get in touch with Mirodec, the glass company in UAE, which can make your mirror and glass dreams come true.

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