The Ultimate Guide To Back Painted Glass

Nov 21, 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass has become a trendy material choice for many residential and commercial properties in recent times. The decorative role of back painted glass has taken the aesthetic appeal of glass interiors to a whole other level. If you’re new to the concept of back-painted glass and want to know more about it in detail, then here is a quick guide.

What Is Back Painted Glass?

In simple terms, back painted glass is ultra-clear glass painted only on one side of a glass sheet or panel. Back painted glass is installed with the painted side facing outward. This allows the glass to incorporate the chosen paint colour effectively and also maintain the sheen and clarity of the glass.

They are made using low-iron glass, which ensures the paint shades are presented and come through without experiencing any discolouration or distortion.

There are many types of back painted glass that come in different sizes and thicknesses. They can also be manufactured using annealed and tempered glass. Moreover, they be used asdecorative glasson various horizontal or vertical surfaces in homes or commercial properties.

All in all, back-painted glass effortlessly projects a chic and contemporary look paired with high levels of functionality and versatility.

Common Uses

The versatile nature of back painted glass makes it an excellent fit for various purposes in different residential and commercial settings. Here are some of the common uses of back-painted glasses.

In Commercial Buildings

Back-painted glass can be used for room dividers, wall panels, tabletops, and even as marker boards in commercial settings. The material is ideal for commercial buildings as it has crisp edges and clean lines to deliver an air of professionalism, while making it easy to maintain a clean and glossy look.

Most importantly, since colour matching is available, with the right decorative-glass companies, you can get these glasses in the colours of your company logo to enhance branding.

In Houses

In houses, back-painted glass is commonly used in the kitchen and bathrooms. Here are some of the main ways it is used.

  • Kitchen

In the kitchen, back-painted glass is used for backsplashes, tabletops, bar tops, and island tops. They make an ideal material for the kitchen because they don’t get stained by spills and splatters and are also relatively easy to clean.

  • Bathroom

Back-painted glass can be used in bathrooms for shower wall panels, glass backsplash, and bathroom wall panels. They make a great addition to bathroom installations as they withstand moisture, are easy to sanitize, and often complement the metal and porcelain interior used in bathrooms.

In houses, they are also interestingly used in the staircases, balconies, dining tables and other decorative spaces.

In Other House And Commercial Interiors

When it comes tointerior design, glassmakes an exceptionally timeless style statement. Be it for your living rooms, hallways, bedrooms or spare rooms, there are many ways back-painted glass can elevate the style or theme of your house interior.

Glass is the primary material used in commercial properties to maintain a look of professionalism in business interiors. Considering this, back-painted glass is another variety that commercial properties can creatively incorporate into their interiors.

As there are endless possibilities when working with back-painted glass, you can also easily enhance or simplify the final look depending on the interior style you want.For example, walls can be covered entirely in back-painted glass for a bright, futuristic ambience. Alternatively, different coloured glass panels can be creatively arranged to make modern wall art.