How To Ensure Your Bedroom Mirror Design Reflects Your Personality

Nov 28, 2021

How To Ensure Your Bedroom Mirror Design Reflects Your Personality

The style and interior of a house is a reflection of the owner. The same applies to the bedroom as well. The mirror and interior design glass industries are booming with new technology and trends providing ample choices to redesign even the most unique bedroom style.

Although underestimated, your bedroom mirror plays a pivotal role in bringing your whole bedroom interior to life and reflecting what kind of a personality you have. But deciding how to make your mirror reflect your personality can be tricky. Here we have put together three standard mirror designs and how they ensure bringing out your unique personality.

Classic Mirror designs

Classic mirror designs feature a basic frame with minimal details and reflect a combination of elegance and sophistication. They are very versatile and go well with any bedroom interior or décor. They can also be decorated or designed to either enhance or minimalize your bedroom’s style statement.

Usually, personalities who prefer this mirror design will also have a very minimalistic bedroom interior without many details but embedded with the right notes of elegance.

Classic mirror designs usually reflect an extremely organized and efficient individual whose personality is imprinted with a well-defined pattern in terms of behaviours. It presents a bold and straightforward attitude that upholds good aesthetic values. Perfectionist, methodical, efficient, determined and introverted are the five words that would best describe a personality who has a classic mirror design in their bedroom.

Antique Mirror Designs

An antique mirror design will usually feature a variety of sophisticated details with coatings and tints that make the mirror look as if it’s deteriorated with age. In addition, they have dark edges, ornate frames, distressed patches and delicate handcrafts. This design represents uniqueness and is meant to blend and fit perfectly into a vintage bedroom interior and décor. Their elaborate details and accents offer character to any bedroom style as well.

Personalities who own antique mirror designs often tend to prefer retro and old styles, which can very well be noticed in their patterns of bedroom furniture, curtains and even beddings. Antique mirror designs are also becoming a common style among celebrities, with many top glass companies offering customized antique mirror and glass services to cater to this growing market.

This mirror design reflects a complex and unique personality. It defines a person who is a carrier of styles of a well-defined period such as the old-world, and someone who values memories and traditions. Understanding the exact attitude of this personality can be challenging. But this personality knows what exactly they want and lives with a high level of personalization. Highly complex, determined, motivated, well-read, and perfectionist are the best words to describe the personality who has an antique mirror installed in their bedroom.

Foxed Mirror Designs

A fusion between modern and vintage is an apt way to describe a foxed mirror design. It’s more of a combination of a classic and vintage mirror design and so is the personality of anyone having a foxed mirror in their bedroom.

The term foxing originates from paper. It described the spots, patches and browning that you get to see in an ageing or vintage paper. Interestingly, foxed mirrors also go through a similar process and have these spots and browning retained or superficially added to mirrors to bring out an aged effect. It’s the mirror that replicates the vintage mirror, while the frames and details take a modern character- thereby creating the fusion. They are predominantly used as a decorative piece in bedrooms as they don’t have a good reflective surface due to the foxed effect.

The personality of an owner using such mirror designs prioritizes aesthetic values but from a modern angle. With a preference for minimal details, this personality is also particular when defining his inner core. The personality represents an attitude that is more of himself while keeping it simple and understandable to anyone. In five words, this personality is friendly social, interested in culture, chic and elegant.

If you still haven’t figured how to bring your personality through your bedroom mirror design or are looking to add a customized piece to your bedroom, we at Mirodec, as the leading glass supplier in Dubai, can help you make the right selection.