Why You Should Consider Back Painting Your Glasswork

May 2, 2020

Why You Should Consider Back Painting Your Glasswork

Installing any glasswork be it in your personal or professional space, can truly transform the look and feel of the room. To create a sense of coziness and privacy in your setting, you can make use of certain techniques that will make your glass more opaque. One such style is back painting your glass pieces to allow for a specialized coating system to be applied to the decorative glass to give it color and reduce its transparency. The following considerations will help you decide if back painting is the perfect fit for your glasswork ideas.

  • The Range Of Applications

In both commercial as well as residential buildings and houses, back-painted glasses are installed for their exceptional design and variety. It can provide a contemporary feel which can transform the interiors of your personal space. You can use this type of glass panel to either separate a large space into smaller ones or display it on any side of the room as a statement piece.

You can customize it to the color scheme of the room and ensure that it is a perfect match for your greater interior decor plan. As the glass provides a smooth and well color blended surface, it can double as a marker board to pen down any meeting notes, business plans, or even objectives of the day. In this way, these installations can be placed in offices, schools, and other interactive settings.

  • Residential Uses

Within your home, you can find unique uses for a back-painted glass panel as it provides multiple benefits through its material. Homeowners can use such glass panels within their kitchen and substitute them for regular tiles. This is a perfect alternative as the glass can easily be cleaned without much effort and vigor and can also prevent the growth of bacteria and other germs. It also makes the kitchen appear more trendy and modern and adds a whole new complete look.

It can similarly also be used as a partition within bathrooms and substitute for plain old tiles. In this way, space will not only appear more stylish and chic but also ensure an easy cleanup process later. As with any space, a back-painted glass can also be used to separate rooms and spaces in a fashionable yet effective manner. You can also make it a creative masterpiece and place it as the central focus of attraction in your home.

  • Uniqueness 

This glass effect is created by having one side of the glass panel painted a solid color that removes its translucency altogether. An extensive range of colors is available for installing opaque colors using paints from companies such as RAL, Pantone, and Jotun that provide a rich palette and charts of colors. If you are looking to create a piece that can bring in a metallic or transparent color effect, this can also be made possible with this type of glass texturing.

As the process used to create this color effect involves paints and chemicals, the professionally manufactured ones are also made perfect with expertise. This way no chipping or cracking in the glass panels occur and it remains unaffected when in contact with water, increased temperatures, and moisture. It is also possible to choose between a glossy or a matt finish to the glass panel so that each feature of the glass is customized to your taste. With professional setting services, the heavy installation can be easily inserted into the desired room just the way you want it.

With the help of all the above-mentioned considerations, you can transform the look of your home or office in an incredible manner. Every need and detail of yours can be adhered to with this style of glasswork to ensure you are delighted with the result. To begin the process of making your creation, visit our Mirodec showroom and transform your space like no other with the leading Glass Suppliers in the Middle East.