The Wave Of The Future

Apr 23, 2020

The Wave Of The Future

Glass is used in modern architecture time and again. Some of the excellent features of glass are responsible for its widespread popularity.

Glass is recyclable and is one of the most environment-friendly materials used in construction. It allows the entrance of natural light into the building and its transparency helps people enjoy the outer landscape. Glass further allows the entrance of heat and this heat remains locked in the room. It helps maintain the temperature during cool weather conditions. If you do not want the heat from outside to be absorbed within the building, you always have the option of selecting insulated glass solutions.

Curved glass, otherwise known as bent glass, is the latest technology in glass solutions and glass suppliers can manufacture bent glass feasibly. It has a sleek and clean appearance. Even though they have a simple look, there is a lot of hard work that goes into the production of bent glass. Only highly skilled experts, like Mirodec can create it, as it requires precision and patience. It is usually manufactured through a process of heating and cooling.

It is hugely popular within corporate settings as they help enhance the corporate image. Curved glass is also aesthetically pleasing and thereby is used in both commercial and residential buildings. Double curved glass, is a popular curved glass facade, which is increasingly being used in corporate and residential buildings alike.

Types of Curved Glass

Curved glass can be used in three different forms depending on the requirement of the building.

Curved annealed glass: This type of curved glass is commonly used for aesthetic purposes and is not meant to withstand harsh conditions, thereby the use of safety glass is minimal in the manufacture of curved annealed glass. Some of the common applications of curved annealed glass are in shop showcases and windows. The special feature of this glass is that it has a high-quality glass sheet with good optical clarity. Since the glass is not toughened it can be readily bent, cut, and polished.

Curved toughened glass: This kind of curved glass is strong and shock-resistant. In this process the annealed glass is initially heated to 700°C and cooled rapidly, this then strengthens the glass. But since the glass has already been toughened, it cannot be altered, cut, or sandblasted. Curved toughened glass is commonly used in interiors, staircases, and cabins.

Laminated glass: This is the toughest glass among the curved glasses. Here, two glass layers are permanently bonded to give the final piece. Even when the glass breaks, the pieces stay within the lamination and do not spread around. This safety feature of laminated glass is the top reason it is commonly used in the automobile industry. Laminated glass is often used in windshields and backlights.

Glass industries are now able to customize bent glass to the measurements you require. Curved glass has gained a lot of popularity due to its unique appearance. Advanced technology now makes it easy to develop bent glass and hence they are not only used in the exteriors of a building but are also used in building interiors.

Glass bending and framing technologies have advanced to a great extent, and now it has become easy to develop bold glass structures.