Why You Should Consider Patterned Glass For Your Conference Room

Oct 5, 2020

Why You Should Consider Patterned Glass For Your Conference Room

Glass is used in the whole office space as it exhibits a sense of timeless elegance. However, different rooms in the office serve different functions, and because of this, you cannot use the same kinds of glass throughout the entire office. While connected offices can have a transparent glass with sound reduction properties, reception areas require back painted or decorative glass, and conference rooms can have a patterned glass.

Patterned Glass For Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are used for official meetings with the employees and clients. These rooms should be stylish and offer privacy. Glass solutions can be used in conference rooms, but they should meet some conditions. While using glass in conference rooms, make sure they are patterned, have sound reduction properties, block light, and appear stylish.

Patterned glass items will work in conference rooms as they ensure privacy, and they come in stylish patterns. This glass can be custom made to serve sound reduction and light-blocking properties. Privacy is of concern within office spaces, and it depends on the different circumstances. When there is a need for collaboration and creativity, open areas are the best, but when employees need to work quietly or have important meetings with clients you do not want any distractions to interrupt you.

Benefits Of Patterned Glass

Open up the rooms: Traditional walls look bulky and unpleasant. These walls take up a lot of space and can make small rooms appear cramped. Instead, when we use glass solutions, they open the spaces, make them look interconnected and patterned glass is a beautiful alternative for traditional walls.

Demountable partitions: Interior designs are always changing, and permanent solutions can hold you back if you want to make any alterations to your spaces. Patterned glass wall systems come with demountable partitions, and this lets you adjust your office spaces when you want a change.

Customizable: The best part about patterned glass solutions is that you can customize it to fit your space and to meet your design expectations. Each office is unique and has a personal vibe to it. So you can choose the conference room walls which meet your needs and expectations.


Some of the conference room glass wall systems include:

Freestanding: These glass systems allow you to create conference rooms wherever you like within the office. Most of the glass conference room walls are modular systems, which are pre-assembled. Due to this feature, you can install it wherever you like.

Frameless: Glass walls are commonly used as they appear aesthetically better than traditional walls. When patterned frameless glass walls are used for conference rooms, they look like a single unit and can cover the area from the ceiling to the wall. The main benefit of this solution is that it looks more uniform, neat, and elegant. These solutions include glass doors, which blend into the system.

Modular systems: You can also opt for a modular system that is pre-installed. The installation process becomes simplified with this glass solution and is a great option if you are remodeling the conference room. These glass walls are also mountable, which gives you the option of removing them if you feel you want to keep it open.

No matter what glass solution you choose, patterned glass solutions for conference rooms offer a lot of advantages. They open up spaces, appear stylish, and can be easily installed. Contact our team at Mirodec to go through our glass wall collections.