Modern Living: Here Are Some Tips On How You Can Upgrade Your Glass Designs

Sep 22, 2020

Modern Living: Here Are Some Tips On How You Can Upgrade Your Glass Designs

Glass has now become a vital element in architecture and interior designs. Designers have so many different ways to work with glass as they are malleable and aesthetically appealing. Glass has always been used for shelves, tables, windows, and doors, but the application has evolved now to be used as statement pieces within modern architecture. These pieces not only highlight the room but also give it an elegant finish.

The best ways to incorporate glass into your interior decor are:

Glass table for the entryway: A simple glass table in the entryway hall or the living room can make the space appear larger. Entryways and living rooms usually look crowded with different furniture like shelves, shoe racks, and other items. When you add a plain glass table with a clean frame, you are left with a space that appears more roomy and airy.

Glass top dining table: When the entire dining table is made of wood, your dining area may look bulky. Glass is the perfect element to add here, as glass makes any room appear lofty. You can use a glass top for your dining table so that all the attention goes to the beautiful base of your table. Additionally, a transparent glass top will make the dining room look more spacious.

Pairing glass with white: The color white and glass is the perfect combination to make any space look large. White is an evergreen color that suits most interior designs, and glass is a timeless element; together they make a fabulous pair. Even if you have a small space, you can use white accents and glass furniture to highlight your spaces further.

Textured glass: You can also use textured and decorative glass in your living spaces, kitchens, tabletops, and even wardrobe designs as it adds character to any and every installation. They are also easy to maintain which makes them more appealing.

Glass railings: Usually, wood or metal are used for railings. However, modern architecture now incorporates different safety glasses as railings. They serve two purposes; they make your balconies and terraces appear stunning by capturing the panoramic views, and they also provide ample security.

Glass floors: Glass flooring can reflect the light coming from the outside and light up the entire space. You can use these floors in rooms with skylight glass so that the light can filter through to lower levels.

Glass dividers: Glass can be used to divide different spaces, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Glass shower walls effectively separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom and you can also use unique pieces like aqua glass to create an eye-catching look.

Glass domeGlass domes are bell-shaped and can be used in different spaces to give it a dramatic effect.

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