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    Decorative Glass – Taking Office Designing Up A Notch

    If you’re looking to give your office space a quick makeover, look beyond the traditional wallpaper changes and try one of a kind decorative glass pieces. From classic hand-made pieces assembled by artists to modern panels created using the latest technologies, at Mirodec, Dubai’s leading glass and mirrors provider, one can hope to find the […]

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  • Glass companies in Dubai

    What Is Glass Fusing? – A Closer Look At Decorative Glass

    Glass is synonymous with versatility. It can be reinforced, reshaped, laminated, and fused. This explains why glass is popular among artists and designers especially for interior design and architecture.  Glass companies all over the world are currently developing new ways to work with glass.  There are several techniques for handling glass that can be used […]

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  • Mirodec - Glass Stairs

    Glass Flooring-Inspiring And Unconventional

    Glass flooring is an emerging trend in both interior and architectural designs. This contemporary application of glass is both inspiring and unconventional. While it is true that glass has moved past its reputation of being brittle and fragile, some people are still skeptical about the idea of utilizing glass for flooring.  Glass suppliers around the […]

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