4 Reasons to Choose Decorative Glass Wall Cladding

Mar 10, 2020

4 Reasons to Choose Decorative Glass Wall Cladding

Glass cladding can be broadly explained as the technique widely used in the architecture of glass buildings where glass panes are used on the exterior surface.

Glass has been used over the years as a decorative element. With the advent of varied glass types and manufacturing procedures, glass companies are now able to design glass for all purposes.

Let’s take a look at some of the techniques through which decorative glass is created.


Glass is textured through the innovative technique of glass fusing. In fact, textured glass wall cladding is ideal for both commercial and residential purposes. The idea is to create an exquisite, functional, and durable design, which can work for internal and external environments.

UV Printing

In this technique, UV printing technology is used on glass and mirrors to create glass furniture. UV printing can also be used to advertise content on glass and mirrors. Some of the diverse applications of this technology are seen in bathroom interiors, dividers, wall mounts, and kitchen cabinets.

Stained Glass

This enchanting glass technique is commonly observed in religious spaces where decorative glass is used. Stained glass also allows the transmission of light and color into a space. This technique also requires excellent artistic creativity as well as intense technical expertise.

First, the pattern for a stained glass panel is created. It is then transformed onto gently-cut pieces of colored glass, which are set into lead calms. They are later joined together like an interlocking puzzle of glass and lead. Stained glass is commonly used in ceilings, doors, windows, and religious sanctuaries since it offers privacy and beauty.

Why Choose Decorative Glass Walls


In addition to the element of beauty, decorative glass cladding helps with the hygiene of a space. Therefore, they are commonly used in wet areas, restaurants, salons, leisure centers, and hospitals. They are easy to clean and maintain and are able to withstand the harshness of industrial cleaning products.

Attractive Interiors

Decorative glass wall cladding provides a range of glass designs. They are available in different textures, colors, designs, and prints to add a personal and stylish touch to your space. Textured glass cladding appeals to the eye and helps reflect light across a room.


Since glass wall claddings are used in both interior and exterior environments and as wall pieces, they are toughened to minimize cracking and to be more heat resistant than usual glass types. For this purpose, a metal foil backing is used for its strength. The benefit of glass cladding is its longevity in comparison to other cladding materials. It can be used for longer periods as it has the advantage of hiding marks or scratches over regular usage.


Another important factor about decorative glass wall cladding is its versatility. While it can be used as a decorative piece in an office, it can also be used behind the kitchen counters at home.

Glass wall cladding is an ideal option if you are looking to add some beauty to your space. It is also hygienic, durable, and attractive. Glass wall claddings come in different textures and colors, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from. For wall cladding consultations, get in touch with UAE’s largest glass supplier, Mirodec, today!