Tips To Maximize Your Space: Glass and Mirrors

Mar 3, 2020

Tips To Maximize Your Space: Glass and Mirrors

Large spacious rooms and spaced out office sections portray a sense of eloquence. Hence, minimizing the elements in a room and maximizing space is commonly opted for in today’s architectural strategies to exhibit elegance. Two elements that are largely being used in the approach of minimalism are glass and mirrors, both of which are important components in space optimization.


Let’s take a look at some of the widely-used techniques to maximize space with the help of mirrors.

Creating the Illusion of Space: Windows are often used in small spaces to create an illusion of increased space; however, this concept is not feasible in all rooms. What can be done instead is to use numerous small mirrors as tiles on walls to create a similar effect.

Grouping Smaller Mirrors: Another common trick to increase space in your room is to use huge mirrors. Grouping a lot of small mirrors can mimic the effect of a larger mirror. You can group several small mirrors of the same size and dimension together to create the illusion of a larger mirror, which can make a room appear larger than it is.

Cabinet Mirroring: When mirrors are added to rooms, they reflect light, creating the illusion of a larger space. Similarly, attaching mirrors to your kitchen cabinets will aid in distributing light across the whole kitchen making the space appear bigger and brighter.

Mirrors in the Dining Room: Architects also advise on using mirrors in dining rooms. The idea behind this is to reflect light across the room. The mirror can be placed on a wall next to the dining table in order to reflect the space creating the illusion of a larger space, especially if it’s a cramped space.

Long Mirrors: The use of floor long mirrors can make a space feel larger, especially height wise. Long mirrors elongate a room and add to its charm by making it appear spacious.

Layering: Layering is another technique through which we can elicit the illusion of space. In this process, an entire wall is covered with mirrors. This is then followed by attaching smaller mirrors on top of the previously fitted mirrors which then gives a layered effect. Certified mirror suppliers can help you achieve this perfectly. This technique helps in exuding space and depth to a room.


Let’s take a look at how glass can be used to maximize a space.

Glass Partitions: Glass partitions are a great way to maximize space. When glass partitions are used instead of dry walls, you end up with an exuberant space that appears to flow. In situations where privacy is a concern, alternative options, such as the etched glass technique, can help solve this issue. It is also recommended to not resort to curtains or blinds as they give a room a cluttered appearance.

Capture the Light: Light always helps to make a room appear brighter and spacious. Distribution of light can easily be facilitated with the use of glass as they allow for light to pass through. So opting for glass interiors helps capture light and adds to the space.

Glass and mirrors are being widely used in homes and offices to provide the illusion of space. Make sure to get in touch with Mirodec, a certified and experienced glass company to know all about the best ways to maximize your space.