A Buyer’s Guide To Choosing The Best Glass Table For Your Home

Apr 9, 2020

A Buyer’s Guide To Choosing The Best Glass Table For Your Home

Glass has been used time and again as tabletops due to its timeless style. Glass tables are a great option because they are low maintenance and easy to clean. They are modern and have a sleek look. Glass manufacturers are also able to shape them according to the size and dimension you require. With new technologies like etching, engraving, back painting and many more; your glass tables and furniture can be customized to the pattern and design you require.

Table Shapes

The shape of the table is an important feature to be kept in mind while selecting your table. For example, rounded tables are best kept in spaces where you need to fit many people for a meal or discussion.

Rectangular tables fit best in long, narrow places and are known to have a traditional shape that has been used constantly.

Some of the different types of glass tables are:

Coffee table: This table is generally used in the living room and placed in front of the couch. Food, drink or other snacks are placed on top of the coffee table so that you can comfortably sit on the couch and eat. The coffee table can also be decorated with a small book rack to store magazines. Another way to decorate your coffee table is by placing small indoor plants on the table.

Side table: Glass side tables are usually placed next to the sofa; they are usually decorated with lamps. Side tables are also a convenient spot to keep your drinks and gadgets.

C-table: This table, like the name suggests, has a unique c-shape. C-tables can be made from glass tops, and their unique shape enables the tabletop to swivel around over a bed, chair, or couch. It is ideally used to place books, drinks or work gadgets, such as mobile phones and laptops. Its c-shape helps you easily work while resting.

Dining table: The dining table is usually the centerpiece, thereby; it has to be carefully selected to go with the remaining furniture in your house. Selecting a dining table can be confusing as they come in different varieties.

While selecting your dining table, make sure to pay close attention to the frame, shape, size, design and seating capacity. Getting a dining table with a glass top simplifies cleaning. Glass has a clear, translucent appearance and this can add to the elegance of your dining area.

Work table: Your house will need a work table. All your work-related items can be placed on this table. A traditional work table will have a desktop or a laptop, documents and other writing materials. Glass tables are the go-to option for work tables.

If you do not want a clear work table, glass companies like Mirodec, are also able to customize your table to your preferred color by employing the technique of back painting.

Selecting glass tables for your home space can be fun and confusing. Paying attention to the details of the house and pairing it with your requirements can simplify the process. Glass tables are ideal in the sense that they are elegant and easy to maintain. Glass tables also come in various options. However, if these options are not to your liking, there is always the choice of customization.