Classic Blue: How You Can Incorporate The Color Of The Year In Your Home

Aug 10, 2020

Classic Blue: How You Can Incorporate The Color Of The Year In Your Home

Classic blue is an exquisite color that can be incorporated within your interior spaces. This color has been named “Pantone Colour of the Year 2020”, and is widely used by interior designers to decorate different areas. All shades of blue are calming colors, and the same applies to classic blue.

This beautiful shade can add a lot of depth to your interiors and invoke a sense of peace. Architects and interior designers can skillfully pair the color with the different room elements to produce exquisite results. It is a shade that blends with all kinds of fabric like cotton, satin, wool, and silk.

The aim is to avoid giving the entire room a splashed out effect and instead craftily incorporate this shade into your interiors. Make sure not to overly decorate with classic blue, as you do not want to create a messy look. The idea is to strategically add the required amounts of the color in your interior spaces’ different elements. Classic blue is a color that beautifully blends with monochromatic tones. You can also mix and match the color into the room’s accessories like rugs, vase, table-tops, or even pillows.

The different ways to incorporate classic blue include:

Decorated Glass

Decorated glass is the current trend, and is a popular option for different interior designs. The living room is the main space where everybody gathers. Decorated glass is a contemporary art piece that makes a statement of its own, making your living room inviting and bright despite blue’s cool shade.

Decorated glass can also be made a part of your bedroom. Each bedroom has a standard interior design it follows. It could be contemporary, classic, chic, or bohemian. The interior designer will understand the design followed and then accordingly add the hues of blue to complement the existing features of the room. Classic blue decorated glass can be used to layer the space in lamps and other accessories.

Glass Furniture

Glass furnishings are also gaining immense popularity in the field of design. They offer:

An elegant touch to any room and give it a sleek appearance. Our glass manufacturers can customize furniture in blue tones to accentuate the beauty of your interior spaces. These pieces can be customized for your living rooms, bedrooms, and even bath areas.

Like any other furnishing, glass furniture also serves practical functions despite its delicate appearance. You can customize dinnerware, showcases, side tables, and dining tables to fit the color and look of your room.

Back painting

The technique of back painting is employed to deliver the splash of blue to your kitchen interiors. There is a lot of decorating that can be done within kitchen spaces, and this technique will help you attain the right shade of blue. You can add the magnificent shade of classic blue into your walls, décor pieces, cabinets, and drawers by back painting the glass.

Back painting is also an option for bathroom interiors. Add touches of classic blue with this technique. The glass tiles and furniture can be back painted with ease. This delivers the desired color and guarantees the durability of your bathroom interiors. Decorative mirrors with classic blue frames can highlight a neutral bathroom.

At Mirodec, we offer a range of decorative glass pieces to suit your style requirements. Contact our team to get an overview of our services.