Colors And Mirrors: Finding The Perfect Combination For Your Home

Jul 23, 2020

Colors And Mirrors: Finding The Perfect Combination For Your Home

Home interiors require mirror products for multiple purposes. Different kinds of mirrors are used for these varied needs. They are practical pieces of furnishing used for different grooming requirements. Mirrors can also be used as decorative pieces within your home space.

Mirrors have reflecting properties, due to which it can reflect light within any room space. This function of the mirror makes the rooms appear bright. Stunning decorative mirrors are statement pieces.

Some of the different mirrors in home interiors include:

Plane mirrors: It is one of the most commonly used types of mirrors. It has a reflective surface that is either flat or planar, and it comes in various shapes and sizes. It is a standard mirror and is the only type that produces images that are almost identical to the image portrayed. This mirror is known to depict realistic reflections, which explains its popularity.

It comes in hundreds of sizes and includes v groove mirrors. They are used in both small makeup boxes and large wall mirrors alike.

Spherical mirrors: These mirrors are cut out in a spherical shape. The two common types are concave and convex mirrors. Spherical mirrors magnify the images in front of them; this makes them an ideal option for shaving, applying makeup, and other grooming purposes, which require magnification. They come in different shapes and are used on walls, shelves, makeup boxes.

Silvered mirrors: This mirror is coated with reflective materials, which consists of different materials, including silver. Silvering mirrors were an age-old practice, and mirrors were initially made from silver, mercury, and tin. However, we currently use a mixture of sputtering aluminum or other compounds. Some mirrors are still made using silver even though you may be unaware of it. There are several benefits to a silvered mirror; silver is non-corrosive and has durability. Silver also has lower density making it lighter than other elements. Another benefit is that silver adds to the strength of the mirror; this property makes it a favorite option among mirror suppliers.

Non-Reversing mirrors: Here, two mirrors are placed at a 90-degree angle to view objects at the point where the two mirrors coincide. Otherwise known as flip mirrors, they are usually used in bathrooms and dressing areas. This mirror has true reflective popularities, which means that the images reflected are mostly identical to the original image.

Custom Mirrors: These mirrors have recently gained a lot of popularity. Interior designs recommend tailoring custom mirror pieces to match the mood and interiors of each home space. They come in a wide range of designs and offer unlimited possibilities. They are often used to create bespoke mirror pieces for kitchens, dressing rooms, tabletops, and bedrooms.

The art of customization allows us to create bespoke pieces according to your specific needs. This enables you to get what you want with ease. Our technicians can deliver products of different shapes and sizes, all to meet your personal preference.

There are numerous ways to use mirrors to decorate your room. Get in touch with UAE’s largest mirror supplier, Mirodec, to get more information about the different custom mirrors to use in your interior spaces.