Decorate Your Home Interiors With Laminated Glass

Jul 16, 2020

Decorate Your Home Interiors With Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a type of security glass and is used for different purposes. The applications of laminated glasses are not limited to security purposes. We currently observe a rapid in the growth of the use of decorative laminated glasses. This technology can manufacture decorative glass which adds to the beauty of the interior spaces. Laminated glass is popularly known for the safety factor it provides, which also makes it an ideal choice for residential homes.

The use of safety glass at home will make sure that you are always protected. Burglars or intruders will not be able to barge into houses that have security glass, as they provide a high level of safety, and shelter you from any external disturbances.

The popular features of laminated glasses are:

Layering: Laminated glass is layered glass, and it is made of two glass layers with an interlayer in between. The outer layers are the hardened glass items, which offer security to your spaces. Safety laminated glass is constructed to help prevent forced entry and is impact-resistant.

Shatterproof: Safety glass does not shatter upon force. This property of laminated glass makes it an ideal option for windows and doors.

Invisibility: Even though laminated glass is layered, it still has a transparent appearance like other glass surfaces. The interlayer does not interfere with the appearance of the glass. This transparency allows you to enjoy the beautiful view outside.

Strength: Laminated glass is classified as a containment-grade glazing material, which means it is manufactured from a robust interlayer. The strength of the safety glass depends on the number of layers used in construction. More number of layers indicate that they undergo the healing process, which ensures that the end product is sturdy.

Soundproofing: Laminated glass possesses soundproofing qualities. The interlays used in the manufacturing of these glasses absorb sound to a certain extent. This quality of laminated glass helps prevent unwanted disruptions and noises. It can be ideally used in workspaces within your home.

UV resistance: Although UV resistance is not a definitive feature of laminated glasses, the thickness of the glass and interlayer material can inhibit the amount of UV light that penetrates within.

Laminated glass is used for:

  • Doors and windows
  • Glass furniture
  • Kitchen cabinets and shelves
  • Bathroom interiors

Another popular type of security glass is the decorated laminated glass. The interlayers between the glass can be made from a range of items like images, colors, and fabrics.

Some of the benefits of decorative laminated glass are:

Glass companies can create bespoke pieces of glassware or furniture with the use of laminated glass. This innovative technology allows you to create customized glass work for your interiors.

You can always enjoy the picturesque view of the outdoors while still maintaining indoor privacy. The transparency factor of the glasses can be tailored to your preference.

Decorated laminated glass offers the best of both worlds; glass suppliers create stunning pieces of glasswork that is completely secure. This property of laminated glass ensures that you do not have to compromise on either style or safety.

You can now have some of the finest pieces of glassware within your home spaces with the use of laminated glass. Discover the different options by contacting our team at Mirodec.