How Glass Suppliers Are Using Glass and Mirrors Unconventionally

Jan 9, 2020

How Glass Suppliers Are Using Glass and Mirrors Unconventionally

Glass and mirrors have such versatile uses in this day and age of architectural marvel. They’re not just used for windows or dressers anymore. Designers and architects are coming up with new and exciting ways to incorporate these gorgeous materials in architectural design. From creating accents to reflecting moods, let’s take a look at the unconventional ways glass suppliers in Dubai, such as Mirodec, are using mirrors and glass.

Glass As Flooring

Mirodec - Glass Floors

We’ve all seen skylights and the beautiful way they help light pass through them. But a growing number of customers have been incorporating glass flooring in their homes. Not only are glass floors a great way to enhance the mood of a home and bring in more light, they’re also beautiful to look at and are excellent in connecting one area to another. Today, there are glass floorings that are vigorously tested for safety and have anti-slip properties. So contact your local glass supplier to see how you can best implement this technique for your space.

Mirrors As Wall Hangings

Mirodec - MIrror Wall Hangings

The perfect way to create an illusion of a larger room is to use mirrors on opposite walls of a space. The mirrors reflect their opposite images, projecting an extreme sense of depth to the room. Architects and mirror suppliers are using this technique to open up small rooms and make them larger. No longer just used for vanity dressers, mirrors are utilized by mirror suppliers to enhance the look and feel of a space.

Glass As Stairs

Mirodec - Glass Stairs

Stepping up to a new level of architectural splendor is the use of glass surfaces for stairs. Even though glass railings are getting their due, glass stairs are fairly new to the market making them the perfect choice to create a major impact. Perfect for a villa or penthouse apartment, investing in glass stairs can elevate the look of your house. If you want to take the design aspect a notch further, ask your local glass supplier to engrave the glass surface with a design of your choice. Just like wood, glass can be used for spiral or traditional staircases as well.

Mirrors For An Aesthetic Appeal

Mirodec - Aesthetic Glass

An increasing number of glass companies, such as Mirodec, are subjecting mirrors to surface treatments such as sandblasting, painting and cutting to increase their aesthetic appeal. There’s also an increase in the use of tinted and antique mirrors to give the piece an aged look. These work as great decorative pieces within a space. If you’re going for a rustic-chic look, antique mirrors are a nice way to add to that theme.

Glass As Furniture

Mirodec - Glass FurnitureWhile glass tables may not seem like a new idea, glass chairs are. If you’re looking to create a major first impression with your interiors, glass chairs are the perfect way to make a guest do a double-take. They might not be the most comfortable seat in the house, but they’re sure to be a conversation starter. Not to forget, you can contact your glass supplier to figure out some innovative designs that can be used to create such chairs.

So while it may not have been conventional to use glass and mirrors as decor items previously, in this day and age of picture-perfect designs and sights, making use of such material to design your space can definitely help you win a lot of admirers. Get in touch with Mirodec, the glass company in Dubai, which can make your mirror and glass dreams come true.