The Key Benefits And Features Of Glass Sliding Doors

Jan 15, 2020

The Key Benefits And Features Of Glass Sliding Doors

With an array of gorgeous design elements being brought to the forefront, the architectural space in Dubai has been seeing new and improved interiors lately. Glass suppliers in Dubai have been experimenting with modern chic styles to suit their customers’ needs. One such addition to homes has been the implementation of sliding glass doors. We got in touch with Mirodec, Dubai’s leading glass and mirror supplier to find out the key benefits and features of having glass doors installed in your home.

From a design aspect, including sliding glass doors is a pretty smart move given their functional and aesthetic advantages. They’re beautiful to look at, maximize natural light and increase the airflow within the house. Mirodec offers the top benefits of glass sliding doors.

Maximizing your space

Much like mirrors, glass doors can create an illusion of a bigger space. While they let you see through, the sliding factor helps you divide a space without closing a section off. So they technically act as a space saver. And since they slide rather than swing out when opened (like hinged doors), you don’t have to make space around the doorway when opening them.

Beautiful to look at

As mentioned before, sliding glass doors are aesthetically pleasing as they are, but you can also choose from eco-friendly and energy-efficient options in case you’re looking for something more sustainable. Another option is to replace a wall with a sliding glass door to add to your home’s personality. It also acts as an illusion to a small cramped space making it look bigger than it is.

Influx of light

Since the doors are made of glass, there’s an automatic flow of natural light into your house. And if you invest in the larger panes that run from the ground up to the ceiling, this will turn your house into a bright, energy-efficient space.

Circulation of air

Adding glass doors at the end of your house or just before an open space can increase airflow and circulation within your home. This will improve the air quality within your house, and make your home energy efficient.

Scenic views

Adding glass doors is like investing in stunning views for life. The larger window panes ensure your house has an equal balance of indoor-outdoor living. If you have a backyard or the city skyline visible, large glass doors will ensure you have beautiful views at your disposal, all year round.

If you’re looking for a professional and creative opinion in the installation of glass doors within your home, get in touch with Mirodec today to speak to an expert team.