How To Accessorize Your Home With Mirrors

Apr 14, 2022

How To Accessorize Your Home With Mirrors

It’s no surprise that mirrors have evolved as one of the most versatile materials in the field of architecture and interior design. However, many homeowners still find it difficult to understand how to use and incorporate mirrors as a design for houses. This article will give a clear breakdown on how homeowners can use mirrors to accessorize their houses.

Be Mindful Of Reflection 

One of the standard rules that most interior designers recommend when using mirrors to accessorize homes is to consider large pieces that are worthy of reflection. Large mirrors can help you make the most of every ray of light from its reflection. As mirrors are traditionally hung on walls or placed on a mantlepiece to reflect the ceiling and opposite walls, make sure to be mindful of what will be shown in the reflection. Show-stopping chancellor or fabulous gallery wall of artwork make perfect reflections that add up to the aesthetic elements of a house which extends the wow factor.

Mirror Panels  For Alcoves 

For those who are unaware, alcoves are an extremely useful  architectural space in a living room. They are often used as bookcases, displaying artwork, or to brighten and reflect spaces for aesthetic details. Accessorizing alcoves on either side of a fireplace with an antique mirror based mirror wall creates a subtle reflective surface and a gentle  diffused light within the space. This is also considered an elegant way of distracting the eye beyond the main elements and emphasizing all the unexpected little details within a living room.

Mirror Walls 

Installing a large mirror wall can enlarge and brighten up the visual aspects of a room, as long as the frame isn’t too bulky. This accessorizing trick is most suitable for a small room. On your part you just have to pick the right design that’s on the larger side rather than one with more modest proportions. It’s also recommended to consider custom mirror frames that will blend well with the interior style of your house.

Gallery Wall Of Mirrors To Create A Vignette 

Mirrors as an accessory element are not only good for reflecting light, they can also be used to create a vignette, especially when hung as a gallery, which can create a light-reflecting , space-enhancing focal point.  For this purpose, round mirrors can make a more apt choice as they can soften a space with hard materials, and will make a better fit than square or rectangular pieces.

Mirrored Wardrobe 

Mirrored sliding shutters that go from floor to ceiling in wardrobe doors can create a dramatic effect and transform your everyday bedroom with just the right touches of modern design concepts. You can enhance this look further by accessorizing your room with subtle lighting and silken sheets that can complement the mirrored wardrobe just well.

Experiment With Unusual Places 

Nowadays, mirrors are not just something you can hang on walls. They are creatively being used as an element in modern kitchens for backsplashes, and for floor-to-ceiling treatments in bathrooms and even on entrance doors. Depending on the place you want to experiment there are many different choices of decorative mirrors with different reflective properties that you can choose from.