Stained Glass Windows Are Making A Comeback

Apr 7, 2022

Stained Glass Windows Are Making A Comeback

Stained glass is one of the oldest types of decorative glasses dating back more than a thousand years. Back then they were popularly used only in churches and cathedrals, and then later throughout victorian-style homes. In present times, stained glass windows are making a colourful comeback in modern architecture. Here are some reasons why they are being used now as a go-to material for windows in many homes.

Enhances The Beauty Of Natural Light 

Modern lighting concepts have shown that natural light is good for homes as it increases energy levels, improves mood, and makes you more productive. It’s also believed that people subconsciously seek out the softness and warmth of natural light.

Unlike skylights, stained glass windows allow plenty of natural light while also allowing houses to enhance the interior beauty as the light filters through different colours, designs, and textures. With the right choice of colours and patterns, it can create a warm or cold undertone to the house interior with a truly unique ambience.

More Privacy 

When compared to many other types of plain glass, stained glass is more intricate, decorative, and most importantly, colourful. If you have tried to peek through the stained glass windows you will see that the things on the other side are distorted, rendering it nearly impossible to see the people and furniture inside. This added feature has made stained glass windows not only aesthetically apt for home designs but also gives adequate  privacy to the space.

Embellish Simple Spaces 

Simple yet sophisticated architecture is heavily trending in modern designs, and stained glass is proving to be the perfect material to embellish the designs on such houses. Gone are the days when this material was reserved for prominent cathedrals and traditional, old-fashioned designs. The simple, unique designs and colour combinations on stained glass windows can embellish and uplift the interior of any space in the house from a bathroom to a living room.


With the advancement of glass technology, there are many options today where you can customise the style and design of stained glass windows. There are many decorative glass companies that make this possible in an extremely hassle-free manner. These advancements have made stained glass extremely versatile to be used in homes and buildings, allowing for anything from a soft and subtle colour combination or a bold and elaborate display.

This versatility has also made it possible for stained glass to be used in a variety of ways. While windows and doors are the two most common forms of using stained glasses, now they are widely used as room dividers, doors, and even as fireplace screens. In luxury residential projects, stained glasses are used for ceilings, domes and skylights in large open areas.

Allows Hybrid Interior Designs 

As stained glasses are versatile, they can easily be blended into a hybrid interior design glass concept that includes both traditional and modern edge window styles. For example, more hotels, restaurants and homes are choosing to have geometric patterns in glass windows to create the perfect balance between past and present.

As it’s clear, stained glass windows are surely making a comeback throughout the design world due to many different reasons, backed up by high-end technology. It’s about time every new homeowner considers this perfect material addition to their house windows.