How to use stained glass to enhance your living space

Dec 7, 2021

How to use stained glass to enhance your living space

Stained glass is an interesting piece of art that brings a unique look to any space. While it is known for its presence in churches throughout history, it is now evolving as a decorative glass piece used in commercial properties and houses. Here are five amazing ways to use stained glass to enhance your living space.


Doors are a necessary part of any living space. But the problem with many conventional doors is that they tend to block the flow of natural light into the home. This is most common for wooden doors. If you have a house that lacks ventilation or the living room door blocks natural light, then stained glass is the best alternative.

This glass will provide the same level of privacy in your living room as other doors but without compromising the natural light. When your living room receives more natural light, it makes the space look airy and more spacious as well. If you want to keep the door subtle and elegant, you can also consider glass etching.


Stained glass windows are very versatile, and they can be used as decorative or as subtle as you like. You can personalize your living room windows to tell a story or even reflect a pattern that will blend well with the interior of your living room.

As with doors, stained glass windows will also offer the same privacy as a normal window. It also lets in more light and keeps things brighter at a living pace. Stained glass is also less heavy, and so it’s easy to maintain them while keeping your living space warm and airy.


Stained glass partitions are a handy and attractive way to divide your living room into smaller areas for multipurpose use. The best thing about using stained glass as a partition is that it gives you added privacy without sacrificing style. If you’re considering event partitions like for parties or celebrations, then you can opt for customized and more decorative patterns. For regular house purposes, you can consider an uncoloured but opaque glass to keep it simple.


Living rooms are incomplete without decorations and stained glass makes the perfect aesthetic addition to enhance the interior of any space in your house. It’s unique, stylish, and can be customised and styled as modern or traditional as you like. With a reliable glass company like Mirodec and a well-communicated idea, you can easily get a decorative piece using stained glass to enhance your living room.

If you’re looking for simple ways to use stained glass to decorate a living space, use small decorative touches instead of large pieces. It can be using stained glass around the corners of the mirrors, a frame, or hanging ornamental pieces with stained glass from the ceiling that catch the light. You can also consider a stained glass lampshade or use small stained glass fixtures as table ornaments.


A ceiling adorned with stained glass makes any living room look larger and taller. This comes from the optical illusion of the stained glass that creates the impression of a boundless space above the glass ceiling. If you have a suspended ceiling made of wood or drywall, then you can integrate stained glass into it and add backlighting. The unique and aesthetic appearance of the stained glass ceiling is sure to leave a memorable living room for every guest that walks into your house.