Design And Functionality: Unconventional Uses Of Glass In Homes

Dec 14, 2021

Design And Functionality: Unconventional Uses Of Glass In Homes

Glass has evolved as unique and interesting pieces of material over the years. However, when we think of glass, many homeowners restrict the design and functionality of glass to just doors and windows. Glass can be extremely versatile. With some creative thinking and a professional glass company to bring your ideas together, there are many unique ways you can use glass in homes. Below are 5 such unconventional uses of glass in houses that you may not have thought about.

Bench Tops 

Glass isn’t the first thing you think of when talking about benchtops. But they are one of the reliable benchtop materials. It is strong and easy to clean and maintain, unlike tiles. When it comes to the interiors, glass benchtops give out a certain elegance that other materials cannot easily replicate. Incorporating a glass benchtop to a traditional kitchen may need to be well-thought-out, but they can be styled in many ways for a modern kitchen.


Glass furniture goes beyond basic glass-topped coffee tables. With techniques like Glass etching and stained glass, there are many modern and creative ways to customise your own furniture. With the right manufacturer, you can create furniture that is functional and artistic anywhere around your house. Usually, tempered glass are the ones used for furniture to withstand pressure and weight – so you will not have to worry about any furniture breaking underneath you.

Glass Bricks 

Glass bricks are another unusual way to use glass in your homes for both functional and interior purposes. They are also inexpensive and make a great addition to places where you want some natural light to enter but don’t have the budget to use clear glass.

Glass bricks are also hollow, so they can excellently insulate any space in your house against heat or cold transfers. The insulating properties give them the sound cancelling ability for extra privacy in your rooms as well. If you want to enhance the interior aspect of these glass bricks, you can consider coloured ones for a more dramatic effect.


A glass splashback is the answer for those looking for unique ways to upgrade a kitchen look or add a little more stylish element to a traditional kitchen interior. Like glass benchtops, glass splashbacks are easy to clean and maintain, and they will also avoid issues like dirt building up in between the gaps of splashbacks with tiles. All these can help you keep the kitchen more hygienic as well.

Glass splashbacks come in different colours, textures and even designs, or you can customise your own. If you want a bit more style, you can have LED lights to illuminate your splashback or even install wallpapers behind them to create an illusion.

Stair Treads

Glass fencing and glass balustrades are fairly common, but glass treads are very uncommon and add a striking style statement to a modern interior. Glass treads can be installed and used the same as timber tread, but glass makes the stairs look light, airy and more welcoming interior-wise. If you want to add more details to a glass stair tread, techniques like glass fusing, etching, or stained glass can be useful. Be it a straight or circular staircase, glass treads will be a stylish addition to any home and can easily complement any interior.