Is Frosted Glass Perfect For Your Home Interiors?

Oct 14, 2020

Is Frosted Glass Perfect For Your Home Interiors?

Frosted glass is the perfect option for home interiors these glass items that offer privacy, better light control, and come in different designs. These glass panes are also easy to install and can be fitted into a room to transform the entire look. Frosted glass allows minimal light within the interiors and gives the rooms a soft look.

What Is Frosted Glass?

Frosted glass is an attractive type of glass with a surface, which is not all clear. Unlike the typical clear glass, frosted glass, as the name suggests, has a frost-like appearance on its surface. Frosted glass is made from a clear sheet of glass, which is turned cloudy through the process of sandblasting or acid etching. Hence, frosted glass blocks visibility but is still able to scatter light.

Where Can it Be Used?

Some of the interior spaces you can use frosted glass include:

Bedroom: Privacy is the main reason why homeowners opt for frosted glass within the bedroom. You can use frosted glass for the bedroom windows as it blocks visibility and allows just the right amount of light within the room. You can opt for stylish designs of frosted glass, as it will recreate the room’s atmosphere with a dim-lit setting.

Bathrooms: Frosted glass is used within bathrooms time and again as it craftily allows you to separate the dry area and the wet area. With frosted glass, you are also able to block visibility, and this ensures privacy. Glass solutions are usually used in bathrooms, as it is a hygienic element, which is easy to clean and maintain.

Libraries: Frosted glass can be used in your home libraries and offices. Frosted glass can be used in these spaces as it can successfully separate two different sections. Since these glass items are not transparent they can be used as partitions to maintain privacy. The added benefit of this glass is that it allows soft light into your interiors and does not heat the rooms.

Indoor gardens: Indoor plants will not be able to tolerate too much sunlight, and for these cases, you can use frosted glass as it helps to reduce direct sunlight. This feature of frosted glass will help you maintain your plants for a longer time.

Benefits of Frosted Glass For Home Interiors

Stylish designs: Frosted glass comes in different patterns for different spaces. You can opt for completely frosted glass or others with great effects. You can choose a design that suits the look of the room you use it in.

Privacy: The best feature of frosted glass is that it helps to maintain privacy, unlike clear glass. With this material, you get the benefits of glass (elegance, airiness, sleek design, and light entrance) with privacy as an added benefit. Since frosted light blocks visibility, you can use it for doors and windows.

Furniture proof: Frosted glass has a range of practical applications. These glass items have light-blocking properties, which will protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays, which could potentially spoil your interiors. UV rays can damage fabrics, woods, and carpets, and this can be prevented with the use of frosted glass.

Frosted glass is the perfect option for home interiors as it is classy and serves several practical applications. Mirodec is the leading glass manufacturer in the Middle East. Contact our team to remodel your spaces and install frosted glass for your home interiors.