Why Custom Mirrors Are Excellent Statement Pieces

Oct 25, 2020

Why Custom Mirrors Are Excellent Statement Pieces

Mirrors have numerous beneficial properties. Mirrors reflect light and open up the spaces it is used at. Mirror decor makes the spaces appear brighter. Due to these properties, mirrors are not just used for grooming purposes, but they are also used as art pieces within interior spaces. Custom made mirrors are the better option as you can cater them to meet the personal style of your room.

Benefits Of Custom Made Mirrors

The illusion of enlarged space: Mirrors have reflective properties, and interior designers can manipulate this feature of mirrors to make a small room appear enlarged. You can use floor-length mirrors installed opposite a doorway, hallway, or window to make your room appear much more spacious.

Unique designs:  Another benefit of custom made mirrors is that you can get them designed to match the aesthetic appeal of your interiors. If you have a minimalistic interior, you can opt for sleek, geometric designs, and if you have a maximalist design, you can opt for huge antique mirrors.

Brightness: Mirrors reflect light within your rooms, and this makes the rooms appear brighter. This is a small but significant step towards energy efficiency.

Different Options in Custom Mirrors

Since custom mirrors are tailored according to the interior design, there are many unique options for you to choose from.

However, some of the popular designs include:

Geometric shapes: Modern design is leaning towards minimalistic architecture, and in this design, basic geometric shapes are used. You can use custom made mirrors as modern art pieces on blank walls. You can also hang wall mirrors of different geometric shapes on a blank wall to make a mirror wall art.

Stairway mirrors: The wall beside the stairway is another space that you can illuminate with mirrors. You can place custom made mirrors on the wall next to the stairway to reflect light within the area and as an attractive décor to highlight the beauty of your stairway.

Wardrobe panels: Mirror solutions within the wardrobe spaces serve a lot of practical applications, but you can achieve two functions by using mirrors in wardrobes. The mirrors can be custom cut to fit the closet or wardrobe, and they can be used on the cupboard doors or the panels. This will make the small space appear large, and it will decorate the closet to give it the ultimate look of a dressing room.

Mirrored furniture: Mirrors do not have to be vertical pieces that are hung on walls; instead, you can use it as the furniture to light up a room, create an illusion of increased space, and as a luxurious decorative mirror. You can make custom tables, shelves, partitions, and other furnishings with mirrors.

Outdoor mirrors: You do not have to restrict the use of mirrors indoors. You can use statement pieces in gardens, patios, and entranceways to give your outdoors a luxurious look. You can use custom made mirrors with frames that match your outdoor design. If the outdoors has an old-world charm, the mirror suppliers can customize them to fit the same pattern.

Do not shy away from getting creative with your designs, the use of custom mirrors will help you add a personalized touch to the interior or exterior spaces. Explore our collection of custom-made mirrors at Mirodec to enhance the beauty of your spaces.