Mirodec’s New Online Catalogue: Exploring The Different Finishing Techniques

Dec 12, 2019

Mirodec’s New Online Catalogue: Exploring The Different Finishing Techniques

From classic hand-made pieces assembled by artists to modern panels created using the latest technologies, Dubai’s leading glass supplier, Mirodec, offers a full range of decorative glass and mirror techniques.

After launching their Online Catalogue, Mirodec divided their glass and mirrors into several categories. It is no wonder that Mirodec offers different techniques to bring to life the decorative glass of your dreams. Today we will explore the different finishing techniques that can be executed within the below mentioned categories:

Miro Tinted

As the name suggests, Miro Tinted provides you with the option of designing with varied tinted glasses, whether it’s bronze, grey, blue, rose or green. While the glass thickness can vary from 4mm to 12mm, the tinted glass technique helps bring artistic designs to life.

Miro Patterned

The Miro Patterned glass technique showcases the ready-made textured glass used for selective designs. While the glass thickness varies from 4mm to 8mm, the glass dimensions depend on the texture chosen. The advantages of using the Miro Patterned technique are that the glass can be tempered depending on the texture and the glass can be custom made to obtain a Glue Chip effect too. In addition, this technique can laminate a glass panel to bring about the desired effect.

Miro Curved

A glass variation that has been reheated and shaped, the Miro Curved glass is the perfect choice if you’re looking for bespoke glass furniture designed for your specific needs. The process of shaping usually takes place with a special kiln to a desired bend or curvature and left to cool in that position. The glass thickness varies from 6mm to 20mm but can be tempered depending on the radius of curvature. In addition to the single curved technique, Mirodec also specializes in the double-curved one wherein two radii can be achieved in the same panel.

Miro Sandblasted

If you’re looking to create opacity and texture of the desired effect, the Miro Sandblasted glass is what you’re looking for. Manufactured through an abrasive treatment in selected areas of a glass surface, this technique is perfect to create personalized pieces of glass panels. In addition, for longer-lasting effects, a special anti-fingerprint protective coating is applied.

Miro Painted

The technique of using a specialized glass coating system to back paint the glass, Miro Painted is the perfect choice if you’re looking to add a pop of color to your space. You can choose from a rich palette of extensive color ranges and an assortment of designs to create a one of a kind glass piece to suit your interior space needs. In addition to matching opaque colors from the RAL, Pantone and Jotun charts, it is also possible to match metallic and transparent colors giving you infinite variations to choose from.

While the glass industry is always coming up with new and improved techniques to satisfy customer needs, Mirodec has gone one step ahead and made decorative glass and mirror furnishings a classic way to up your design game.