Miro Painted

Miro Painted

Reference Code: F-BP.black
Reference Code: C-BP.amber-trans
Reference Code: C-BP.amber-trans.MB
Reference Code: C-BP.beige-trans.MB
Reference Code: C-BP.green-trans
Reference Code: C-BP.red-trans
Reference Code: C-Sat-.curved-BP.MB
Reference Code: C-BP.turq-trans.MB
Reference Code: C-BP.white
Reference Code: C-Sat-BP.amber-trans.MB
Reference Code: C-Sat-BP.beige-trans.MB
Reference Code: C-Sat-BP.red-trans.MB
Reference Code: C-Sat-BP.turq-trans.MB

Miro Painted is the technique of using a specialized glass coating system to backpaint the glass. Clients are now able to select from a rich palette of extensive color ranges for any type of glass backpainting.

  • Glass thickness varies from 4mm to 20mm
  • Any design can be requested


  • In addition to matching opaque colors from RAL, Pantone, and Jotun charts, it is also possible to match metallic and transparent colors

N.B. Please note that certain items are subject to availability.

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