5 Unique Ways To Use Stained Glass

Feb 28, 2022

5 Unique Ways To Use Stained Glass

While they are known for their presence in churches throughout history, stained glass has now become a popular material used in commercial and residential properties. Their versatility has made them an interesting, unique and modern decorative glass addition to interior designs, which enhances the look of pretty much any space with dazzling light. If you’re thinking about adding one of these masterpieces to your house, here are 5 unique ways you should definitely try.


The problem with many traditional door materials,  mostly wood,  is that they block the flow of natural light into a space. Using stained glass as an outfit for your doors can help you maintain the same level of privacy and safety, but without compromising access to light.

As they can be customised according to your taste, they can amplify and enhance the reflection of natural light,  brightening up any space even more.


You can make use of stained glass in large windows in your house or commercial property to tell a story or to even symbolise some energy that is close to your beliefs or culture. A pattern or mix of colours that blend well with your existing interior style can also be personalised into a stained glass window.

Even if you’re looking to bring a certain mood or aesthetic to a space and are not sure how to do it, stained glass can hold up to your visual expectations.  Finding the right glass supplier can elevate any space.

Stained glass also keeps spaces brighter through their reflective properties and offers as much privacy as regular windows. They bring more warmth and are easy to clean and maintain when compared to heavy curtains and blinds.


Stained glass makes a handy tool for partitioning or dividing large spaces in your house or office for multiple purposes. They can also be used as party room dividers for events and functions. Stained glass partitions can offer both style and functionality.

They are more versatile so you can choose a custom pattern for a personal touch or even use unembellished stained glass for a more simple and minimal look.

They are easy to clean, maintain and provide any partitioned space with more air, light and warmth without a congested or blocked outlook.

Basement Blocks

Most homeowners add glass blocks around the bottom of their houses or basements, usually where windows are installed to enhance privacy. Using stained glass for basement blocks is a great way to add more style and personality to your home while maintaining the same level of privacy.

Diamond patterns and coloured pieces are the most common choice for this purpose. As they are glass, they reinforce insulation which reduces heating and cooling costs as well.


Decorating a plain ceiling with stained glass can make any room or space larger, taller and brighter with the reflection of light. The optical illusion these glass are able to reflect creates the impression that there is a large open space above the roof.

When designed right it can meet all your interior priorities, while giving a unique, warming and artistic experience to your guests that they are unlikely to forget.

If you’re looking for inspiration, browse for modern restaurants, coffee shops, villas and luxury apartments. Most modern luxury properties use stained glass to uplift their interior styles with a rich finish.

With a little bit of thinking on patterns and colour mix,  these unique ways of using stained glass can bring your house or office a fantastic look.  Just make sure you are getting your pieces done from the right glass company that can deliver good quality and experienced craftsmanship.