Trends: Decorative Mirror Designs That Are In This Year

Sep 1, 2020

Trends: Decorative Mirror Designs That Are In This Year

Mirrors help serve a lot of practical applications such as for grooming, styling, dentistry but they also are widely used for other purposes. One being the use of it as a statement piece to highlight aspects of the room and make it appear bigger. Mirrors reflect and spread light due to which the room appears to be airy and spacious, even if it is not true to the measurement. Interior designers craftily use mirrors in small spaces and apartments to give them the illusion of increased space availability. Decorative mirrors heighten the beauty of the room and give it a classy look.

Popular custom mirrors include:

Circular decorative wall mirrors: Round mirrors complement most interior designs and can be used in any room. It is a versatile shape, which is easy to include in any space. Circular mirrors have a simple structure that is easy to style. The circular mirrors also make your space look more interesting unlike the standard rectangular or square-shaped mirrors.

Over the mantle decorative mirror: Over-the-mantle-mirrors are specifically designed for use above a fireplace. They come in unique shapes with flat bottoms. Although the name suggests its use above a mantel, you can also use it in other spaces such as on a dresser, above the couch, or even on hallway shelves. These mirrors give a clean finish to any space and add to the sleekness and style to any interior.

Horizon mirror: These mirrors are round, but they have more depth when compared to circular mirrors. They are dimensional as they come in two-toned models. Horizon mirrors do not have a frame, and they are referred to as two-toned as they have two different tones on the upper half and the other on the lower.

It is a stylish remodeling of the traditional round mirror. The chic appearance of a horizon mirror does not compromise its application, and you can still use it for your everyday grooming needs. You can hang it horizontally or vertically according to your preference.

Bangles mirror: The mirror looks like the typical racetrack, and hence the name bangles mirror. The mirror has a grooved frame made from engineered wood and a metallic-paint finish. Although the mirror has sleek features with new structural elements, it essentially provides a vintage look. These features allow you to use it within contemporary interiors and colonial architecture.

Hovet mirror: This is the classic long mirror you will find in most spaces. The mirror usually comes in a 77 by 30 inches dimension and has a simple aluminum frame. It has a classic design that you can use time and again. The simple features of the hovet mirror make it a popular option, along with the perfect height that makes it an ideal choice for a floor mirror. You can also mount the mirror horizontally to open up space and transform your personal space in a simple yet classy manner.

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