Mirrors: 5 Trends That Interior Designers Are Devoted To In 2020

Aug 24, 2020

Mirrors: 5 Trends That Interior Designers Are Devoted To In 2020

There is a definite appeal to bright, spacious rooms. Mirrors are a favorite among interior designers because they reflect light within the room, giving it a spaced-out look. The contemporary minimalistic designs are based on sleek furnishings and sharp colors. Mirrors add style to your interior spaces and serve numerous practical functions.

There are various options when it comes to mirrors. However, the idea is to choose the latest and avoid outdated. Mirrors are no longer just pieces of furniture that help with grooming, but instead, they are art pieces exclusively used as décor.

Some of the stylish contemporary mirrors include:

LED Light Mirrors

This type of mirror is the ideal option for bathrooms, dressing rooms, and bedrooms. These provide enhanced lighting for your grooming purposes and should be placed within these areas to be optimized. You can either have long mirrors with LED lights or otherwise shorter mirrors. The style and design of the mirror depends on your needs and preferences.

Rustic Mirrors

All kinds of antique pieces have a classy appearance. You can opt for vintage mirror designs to complement your colonial interiors. There are a lot of options for rustic mirrors, and they are available in different colors.

Decide on the rustic material based on the interior design of the room. Rooms with a classy wood finish can use a rustic wooden mirror. Whereas, royal medieval architecture can be paired with rustic industrial metal mirrors. You can also accentuate your interiors by layering rustic mirrors. In this process, different mirrors of varied shapes and sizes are strategically placed on the wall.

Statement Mirrors

Custom mirrors can also be manufactured and used as home décor. These statement mirrors can transform your living or dining room. Large mirrors with a stunning gold frame can give the living room a regal look.

Such magnificent mirrors placed at common areas like libraries, dining halls, and hallways add to the room’s character and style.

Decorative Wall Mirrors

Decorative mirrors can be used on walls to create a focal gallery. The mirrors wall is a treat to the eyes and can give the entire room a spaced-out look. Mix and match several decorative mirrors to give your walls a unique look. The trend is best when done on top of darker walls as it makes the entire space look larger and lighter.

Frameless Mirrors

Minimalism is the interior design of the decade and has taken the whole industry by storm. Minimalism includes the concept of living with less. The design elements of this style strive to convey simplicity. For this purpose, basic geometric forms and simple details are used. There can be a repetition of structures to exhibit a sense of order and elegance.

Mirrors are a crucial part of minimalistic architecture. Frameless antique mirrors can be used to represent the elements of minimalism. You can otherwise add frameless mirrors to the walls of bathrooms and hallways to give it a sleek appearance.

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