Unconventional Uses Of Glass In Homes | Mirodec

Dec 21, 2021

Unconventional Uses Of Glass In Homes | Mirodec

Curved glass is glass that has been bent in either of two ways: The first is two-dimensionally (2D), where the direction of curvature runs in one direction, effectively creating a cylindrical form; and the second is three-dimensionally (3D), where a multi-directional bend is created, resulting in a complex curvature like a dome. With the right glass manufacturer, curved glass can provide many benefits, such as the following.

 High-End Aesthetics

The flexibility and versatility of this material allow a great level of creativity in the design of structures, interiors and architecture. Moreover, because of its high market demand, these materials are available in many designs, patterns and at the most affordable rates.

Patterned, frosted, clear-coloured and engraved curved glasses are some of the most common curved glass options used for aesthetic purposes. In commercial and professional settings, curved glasses are mostly used to execute more organic and luxurious interior concepts.


One of the major differences between a curved and normal glass is its strength. Curved glass is usually tempered and is, on average, four times stronger than normal glass. The strength of this material is provided through different chemical and thermal treatments.

Under the manufacturing process of this material, flat glass is first heated over 630℃ until it becomes red hot. Then, this sheet is transferred to a bending station, where it is bent to a target radius. Finally, once the desired shape or structure is molded, it is cooled to trap high energy focus.

This guaranteed strength makes curved glass a reliable option for high functional things like furniture, balconies and even staircases with the added benefit of a modern aesthetic style. However, make sure you are getting your curved glasses from a reliable glass company like Mirodec to ensure this level of strength.


The extreme level of inherent strength of curved glasses makes them safer as well. Curved glass is extremely resistant to breakage and damage. It resists harsh usage very well, making it highly functional for home and commercial purposes. Even if curved glass breaks, its fragments are harmless. Curved glass does not break into shards unlike traditional glasses. This keeps you safe from serious injuries.

Scratch and Damage-Resistant

One of the key reasons why curved glass is an excellent addition for residential and commercial properties is its scratch and damage-resistant features. This material can withstand higher forces and is also scratch-resistant. Even with rough use, the curved glass surfaces can remain flawless and crystal clear. They can also stay up to the daily wear and tear much more effectively than other types of glass.


When normal glasses are exposed to extreme heat, they shatter. It doesn’t work the same for curved glasses. A high-quality tempered double curved glass can tolerate all extreme temperatures. This is a reason why curved glass is used in bathrooms, as it can withstand the effects of hot water.

Easy to Install and Clean

If you’re looking for the convenient aspects of using glass, then curved glass is again a win. It is very easy to install and can be fixed to a target place very smoothly. The clear, sleek and smooth surface of curved glass also makes it easy to remove fingerprints, stains, oils and grease with basic cleaning.