What Is the Future Of The Glass Industry?

Jan 22, 2020

What Is the Future Of The Glass Industry?

It is remarkable that glass, a material pre-dated as an artifact only by stone and pottery, has so much untapped potential thanks to newer technologies. As Dubai’s leading glass supplier, we at Mirodec identified what the future of glass looks like, and how newer technologies can provide challenges and solutions for future glass uses.

After thousands of years, glass has now become one of the most versatile modern materials to be used. It can be changed to be porous, flexible or even crystalline. It can change color on demand, carry light or transfer information signals if required. Even with the recent economic crisis, the glass industry remains unaffected thanks to the unique chemical and physical properties of glass. This is also what makes glass extremely prominent in industrial and private construction. In recent years, we have also seen glass becoming more common in electronics, communications and other industries. So let’s take a look at what else is in store for the glass industry and glass suppliers in the near future.

  • Growth Opportunities

According to a new market report published by Lucintel, the future of the global glass industry is brimming with opportunities in a number of sectors including construction glass, automotive glass, and specialty glass. What’s interesting to note here is that increased growth in the construction market, rising sales and production of automobiles, rising per capita income, and technological advancement is contributing majorly to the opportunities the glass industry faces. The report also suggests the development of customer relationships to create a win-win situation with the development of low-cost solutions for customers.

  • Modern Techniques

Some players in the industry are already implementing modern scientific techniques such as electron microscopy, X-ray scattering, optical spectroscopy, and ionic and electronic conduction to advance the current knowledge and command of glass at an extremely high speed. It is also being noted that glass makers will aim to attract creative minds who have the potential to improve the current glass making methods.

  • New and Improved Glass

Researchers are now attempting to exploit the material’s known properties to transform it into new things. They are also looking at ways to extend the usefulness of glass by introducing new qualities to it with the end goal being converting raw materials into profitable products. In fact, recently-acquired knowledge of the microphase structure of glass suggests that there is a possibility of manipulating glass, on a microscopic scale, to produce completely new materials.

Although these are just an indication of the way forward in the glass industry, with the advent of modern technology, there is no limit to how much farther the glass industry can grow. This unprecedented growth might see new problems but it will also provide exciting solutions that will one day become the face of glass manufacturing.

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