How Tempered Glass Can Be Used As An Effective Tool For Dividing Spaces

Feb 21, 2022

How Tempered Glass Can Be Used As An Effective Tool For Dividing Spaces

Decorative glass is becoming a sought-after material for dividing spaces both in residential and commercial settings. Among the many types of glasses available, tempered glass tends to have a slight edge due to its high functionality and aesthetic properties when used as a partitioner. Here is what makes them an effective tool for dividing spaces.

Clarity, Aesthetics And Functionality

Tempered glass provides almost a crystal clear view between the partitions, which doesn’t block light and makes the area look spacious. The clarity of the material also easily connects any outdoor landscape to a partitioned space.

It subtly defines areas but never fully takes away from the interior details the room or overall space offers. Even if your room spaces are divided, you will still feel connected to a bigger space. The partitions won’t feel congested or isolated in a separate unit.  This is why tempered glass is seen as perfect partition material that upholds both aesthetics and functionality.


If your residential or commercial property has a well-designed interior style that you wouldn’t want to compromise while dividing spaces, then tempered glasses offer enough versatility for this purpose. They come in a wide range of designs and patterns that can suit your unique taste.

They can be transparent, frosted, or even stained. Through a professional and experienced glass company, you can also get them etched, textured or engraved- whichever complements your space’s interior style.

You can get as creative as you can with a tempered glass partition unlike other materials like wood, rattan, gypsum partition, or beaded curtains.

Heat Resistant And Energy Efficient 

Tempered glass can withstand temperatures up to 470°F, so you don’t have to worry about where the partition can be installed.

Its thermal stability is twice that of regular glass, so they don’t shatter when exposed to heat for a longer time. This also helps your house or office to maintain the optimum temperature in a space, making it more energy-efficient and friendly on your utility bills.

The heat-resisting features of this glass also help keep partitioned spaces more airy and cool. This is mostly beneficial for offices where people stay in separated units or cabins for longer.


When compared to many other types of glass, tempered glass is 4-5 times stronger and makes the better choice where security is of importance in both homes and offices.

This durability makes it possible to withstand impacts from small objects and other unintended pressure being exerted on the space divider. They don’t easily fall off, move or damage with daily wear and tear.

Also unlike ordinary glass, tempered glasses don’t break into dangerous shards when they break. They only break into small pieces which reduce the risk of injuries.

Easy To Maintain 

Tempered glasses are scratch-resistant, so even with extended use, they are very unlikely to develop a worn off look for a long time. The clarity or usability of the divider will also not be affected by scratches.

They are clear and sleek so they rarely get tough stains on them, which makes cleaning hassle-free. This way the material can also be used to divide spaces into high traffic areas where the glass will frequently be jostled or scarped.

The growth of glass industries has made glasses go beyond a material that is used for mere aesthetic properties. The variety of glasses available nowadays makes it easy for home or office owners to find ones that best suit their functional purposes alongside their interior style preferences. All you have to do is just make sure to get your glass supplies from a reliable company that can guarantee quality and longevity.