The Best Decorative Glass Options For Larger Villas

Feb 14, 2022

The Best Decorative Glass Options For Larger Villas

Want to give your villa interiors a modern style and class? Decorative glass has now become an important addition to modern house interiors. With many decorative glass companies providing customisation facilities there are countless ways you can incorporate them into your villas according to your unique taste and style. Here are some options you can consider.

Carved Glasses

With intricate designs sculpted on them, carved glasses come in many varieties of patterns and shapes. They are made by sandblasting or etching to different depths on the surface of the glass.

Their unique texture is what makes it an interesting material for windows and doors. They also make a great option for skylight windows, which helps to brighten up your house with a natural, long-lasting diffused light effect without any solar glare.

In many villas, carved glasses are also commonly used in master bedrooms as bathroom panels and as closet doors.

Curved Or Bent Glasses 

Known for their sleek shape, curved or bent glasses are a decorative glass option that is well suited for staircases, balconies, and balustrades in Villas. They give a light and spacious view and effortlessly connect the outer landscape to your house.

Usually, it’s the curved toughened glass that is used for these decorative and interior purposes as they are strong and shock resistant when compared to other types of curved glass.

If you’re concerned more about safety alongside interior priorities, then consider laminated curved glass: They are formed by bonding two layers of glass and are stronger than curved toughened glasses. When they shatter, they mostly stay within the lamination rather than breaking into shards.

Frosted Glass 

With the frosted appearance produced by sandblasting or etching, this type of glass diffuses light giving a soft and airy feel to the space. This is mostly used as a decorative glass option that gives extra privacy.

In villas, they are more apt for private areas like showers, walk-in-robes, or to create partitioned spaces in a single room for multiple purposes.

Many also prefer to use frosted glasses as privacy screens in villas to divide or separate a large space into units for different purposes. They can also be used to make portable partitions or party room dividers.

Stained/Art glass

Known for its versatility, this is a one-of-a-kind glass option that can easily enhance the look of any space, big or small. The glass is decorated with interesting patterns and colours and can light up a space with interesting hues of lights.

While they were popularly known for their presence in churches, now they are a unique material used in large residential properties. In villas, stained glass is added as a decorative element to large walls, windows, doors, backsplash, basement blocks, ceilings and even as partitions in large halls. They are also used to create masterpieces like artworks for display in larger residential properties.

Remember that these options can enhance and uplift your villa’s interior style only when you get the service done through experienced professionals. To ensure you’re getting a good return on your investment, make sure the decorative glass company you choose can assure quality and durability in their pieces.